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Harrogate and District NHS Trust

Hospital bug and germ busters explain the science to Harrogate students

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust bug busting experts will be attending Harrogate High School to undertake interactive sessions with students to look at infection control and antibiotic resistant bacteria (e.g. MRSA)

Professor Kevin Kerr, director of infection prevention and control and Kath Banfield, matron for infection control at Harrogate District Hospital will be holding two interactive workshop sessions during the day.  Year 12 BTEC Science students and year 13 A level Biology students will be taking part in the hour long practical sessions to look at the topic of infection control including some real life scenarios looking at antibiotic resistant bacteria, such as MRSA which often hits the headlines.

As well as busting some myths around bugs and germs, the sessions will provide a useful hands-on guide to bacteria to aid the students’ understanding of infection control and the science behind it as part of their course of study.

“Going directly into schools and sharing what is essentially real life science is an extremely valuable way to get simple facts around infection control and antibiotic resistant germs across,” commented Professor Kerr.  “Not only does this give us a chance to develop the knowledge and skills of the microbiologists of the future, but also means we can reach young people with some very simple, and possibly even life saving, facts on how infection control is everyone’s business.”