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Harrogate and District NHS Trust

Our Commitment to Protecting Children

As a NHS Foundation Trust we take our responsibility for safeguarding children extremely seriously and comply with these requirements to ensure that we maintain their safety. The Chief Nurse is identified as the Board Level Executive Director lead who has responsibility for children and safeguarding matters.  The Chief Nurse is responsible for ensuring the auditing of safeguarding arrangements and reports to the Board of Directors as a minimum annually.

The Trust has a Named Doctor and access to a Named Nurse who together provide advice, support, training, guidance and supervision regarding the protection and safeguarding of children.  These professionals in turn gain support and guidance from the Designated Doctor and Designated Nurse for North Yorkshire.  These staff all have clearly defined roles and sufficient time within their job plans to undertake their job roles in full.

The Safeguarding Children policies and procedures used by the Trust are up to date and robust.  This includes a system for following up children who miss outpatient appointments and who attend the Emergency Department.  The training provided and policies in place ensure that children who may be at risk can be identified and that staff know the appropriate actions to take once an issue has been identified.

The Trust has a clear training strategy in place which ensures that all staff receive the appropriate level of safeguarding training for their role.

The Trust meets the statutory requirements with regard to carrying out Criminal Records Bureau checks on our staff. Child Protection policies and systems are in place and reviewed regularly. 

The Trust believes that safeguarding children is everybody’s responsibility.