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Harrogate and District NHS Trust

Raft of Community Health Services Set for Transfer to Harrogate Health Trust

 A range of community-based health services, such as Community Nurses, Health Visitors and the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Service, which are currently managed by NHS North Yorkshire and York, are set to transfer to Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT), which manages Harrogate District Hospital, on 1 April.

The transfer is part of a national programme called Transforming Community Services and will see all services currently provided by the Primary Care Trust (NHS North Yorkshire and York) transfer to the management of other organisations already providing healthcare in the county.

The transfer to Harrogate is the largest in North Yorkshire, with a number services that are currently provided by a North Yorkshire wide service, such as Podiatry and the Smoking Cessation Service, also transferring to Harrogate’s Trust, along with all those that are currently managed locally in and around Harrogate by the PCT, for example falls assessments and Cardiac Rehabilitation Nursing.

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive, Richard Ord, said:

“This transfer is one of the biggest reorganisations of health provision in our area for many years. However, it is important to reassure people that they should see no difference in the service they receive from 1 April. If they are receiving a service at the end of March, they will continue to receive it, in the same way and from the same staff, in April and beyond.

What this transfer does mean for patients and service users is that we can look at streamlining their care so that, for example, they may be treated in, or closer to their own home if appropriate, whereas before they may have been sent to the hospital.

Whilst hospital and community based teams already work together in many instances, now they will be part of one organisation, able to deliver more joined up care for all those who use our services. This is a really positive step for the delivery of high quality care for all those who use our services.”

The transfer involves some 1,400 staff changing employer from NHS North Yorkshire and York to join HDFT’s existing approximately 2,500 staff. The new organisation will employ around 3,900 staff.

Mr Ord added:

“I am confident that our current high level of quality of care will be enhanced and services further improved by this transfer.

I have seen how dedicated the community based healthcare staff who are becoming part of HDFT are and, alongside the hard working staff who are based at Harrogate District Hospital, I know that we will all continue to put the interests of the people we serve at the forefront of what we do.”

People using community based services do not need to take any action; they will continue to receive the same care, in the same way and from the same staff following the transfer. Patients and service users should notice no difference.

Information on services such as the Patient Feedback is available on the HDFT website at www.hdft.nhs.uk