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Harrogate and District NHS Trust
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Ensuring safe and effective care is the aim of every hospital. There is good evidence that patient safety can be improved in all hospitals.

Our hospital is no exception.

At Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, we are committed to making the safety of our patients and the quality of their care our highest priority.

To do this, we promote and support patient safety in many ways.

  • We encourage staff to report incidents, errors or safety concerns, because organisations can't learn and improve unless they know what the problems are.
  • We investigate incidents and respond promptly to the findings and recommendations of our investigations.
  • We hold case conferences periodically to enable staff to come together and discuss specific patient safety issues.
  • We encourage "small step change" - putting small ideas to improve safety into practice, and sharing those that work.
  • We discuss Patient Safety at all levels in our hospital - starting with the Board of Directors.


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At Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, we have already implemented the following Patient Safety First actions and we are committed to continuing to work to improve the care of all of our patients:

Leadership for safety: Our Board is fully engaged with patient safety. The goal is to ensure a leadership culture at Board level, which promotes quality and patient safety and provides an environment where continuous improvement in harm reduction becomes routine throughout the organisation.

Clinical interventions:

  1. Reducing harm from deterioration: The goal is to reduce harm by earlier recognition and treatment of the deteriorating patient by taking the very best care of patients with complex or deteriorating conditions.
  2. Reducing harm in critical care: The goal is to improve the care of patients receiving critical care by using standardised, recognised modes of treatment.
  3. Reducing harm in perioperative care (care before, during and after surgery): The goal is to improve our care of adult patients who are having elective surgical procedures in our hospital.
  4. Reducing harm from high-risk medicines: The goal is to prevent harm to our patients when we are using high-risk medicines.