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Harrogate and District NHS Trust


What we do

We provide dedicated clinics for acne, skin cancer, inflammatory dermatoses (diseases of the skin) and paediatric dermatoses as well as surgical clinics for skin cancer treatment and minor surgery clinics for diagnosis of dermatoses.  We also hold an allergy clinic for patch and prick testing; a phototherapy treatment suite for the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses; photodynamic therapy clinics for skin cancer and a drug monitoring clinic

When we are open

Our clinical working hours are:

Monday, 8.30am – 5pm

Tuesday, 8.30am - 7pm

Wednesday, 8.30am – 7pm

Thursday, 8.30am - 5pm

Friday, 8.30am – 5pm

Secretaries working hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am -5pm.

Who you will meet


Dr Alison Layton – Extension 3364

Dr Sharmila Das – Extension 5415

Dr Benjamin Walker – Extension 5879

Dr Roland Strauss – Extension 5476

Locum Consultants:                        

Dr Natalya Angelova – Extension 4574

Dr Rachael Robinson – Extension 5415

GP with a Special Interest: 

Dr Kevin Jackson – Ripon Hospital

Specialty Doctor:                             

Dr Ibtessam El-Mansori – Extension 3086


Dr Lea Solman – Extension 3086 or bleep 5988

Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist:

Louise Binns –– Extension 7476     

Nursing Team:                                 

Ruth Horne – Sister/Unit Manager – Extension 3145

Dermatology Treatment Area:

Extension 5839

Cytotoxic Nurses:

Denise Nottingham - Extension 5839

Clare Finch - Extension 5839          


Rachel Robson - Extension 3740

Rachael Ledger - Extension 3740

Claire Snowden - Extension 3740

Caroline Tolley - Extension 3740



Trish Tock – Dermatology Co-ordinator – Extension 3345

(Follow up appointments and surgical appointments)

Sue White – Team Leader – Extension 5364

(New patient appointments)


Research and development

A number of studies are either in progress or about to start pending ethics and research governance approval these include:-

  • Portfolio research

UK Dermatology Clinical trials include:

PATCH study – cellulitis trial examining effects of prophylactic antibiotic therapy

BLISTER study – bullous pemphigoid examining effects of treatment

PYODERMA study examining effects of treatment

Acne genetics study examining genetic factors influencing acne

  • Non portfolio research

Photodynamic therapy for leg ulcers

Photodynamic therapy device for

a)      acne

b)      photo-aging

  • National Institute Health Research Comprehensive Research Network (NIHR-CRN) & Research and Development (R&D) involvement

Dr Alison Layton is co-director for the regional CLRN and Trust Lead for Research and Development and can be contacted by telephone: 01423 553740

How to contact us

We are located on 1st floor Macmillan Dales Unit, Ripley area

Appointments queries telephone: 01423 553345

Secretaries telephone: 01423 553740

Related support groups / further links for healthcare proffesionals


Related support groups/ further links for patients

  •  The British Association of Dermatologists provides information in the public resources section which promotes ‘Healthy Skin For All’.

  •  The British Red Cross Skin Camouflage Service aims to teach individuals, who have to cope with a disfigurement, the simple techniques necessary to apply creams effectively, and enable them to feel more confident about their appearance. 

  • Changing Faces is a UK-based charity giving support and information to people with facial disfigurement and their families, and the professionals who work with them.

  • The National Eczema Society aimsto provide people with independent and practical advice about treating and managing eczema.
  • The Vitiligo Society offers support and information to people with vitiligo and their families.
  • The Psoriasis Association provides information to give a better understanding of what psoriasis is, what causes it and what treatments are available.
  • The Skincare Campaign is an alliance of patient groups and other organisations with a common interest in skin health.
  • Verity is a UK charity for women whose lives are affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).