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Harrogate and District NHS Trust

Jervaulx ward

What we do and who we look after

Jervaulx is a mixed sex medical ward caring for patients with a range of respiratory, endocrinology and general medical conditions.

Patients are generally transferred from the Acute Care Unit following initial assessment. They also take booked admissions, admissions from outpatients as well as other wards and hospitals. The patients admitted to Jervaulx ward have a variety of medical conditions, but they do have an emphasis on respiratory, cardiology and endocrinology medicine.

When you can visit

Visiting times are between 2 - 4pm and 6 - 8pm.

If there are extenuating circumstances and you need to visit outside of these hours please discuss with the nurse in charge of the ward.

We do not normally allow children under the age of 12 years old to visit due to the risk of infection to them.

Who you will meet

A range of staff support our patients in their care. These include doctors, nurses, nutritional assistant, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and specialist nurses.

The ward is also supported by a range of support staff including domestics, ward clerks, medical secretaries, porters etc who are all essential to the smooth running of the ward.

Where to find us

We are based on the 2nd floor, Abbey Wing

How to contact us

Telephone: 01423 555308 or 01423 555309