Coronavirus/Covid-19 key information for patients and visitors

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This is us…Our vision and mission

Whether you’re a patient, a visitor or a member of staff, our Vision sets out what you can expect from us. You Matter Most.

Our vision

Excellence every time.

Our mission

To be an exceptional provider of healthcare for the benefit of our communities, our staff and our partners.

Our values

Our values describe and define our culture. In everything we do, we aim to be:
We show compassion, and are understanding and appreciative of other people.
We display personal and professional integrity, are honest and bring a positive attitude.
We are helpful to each other, listen intently and communicate clearly.
We show respect, we are inclusive and we act fairly.

Our strategic objectives

To deliver high quality healthcare

This means that we will continuously strive to deliver the best possible outcomes and ensure that people using our services have a positive experience. We will make the safety of services our highest priority. We will listen to the views of people using our services and staff providing care and use this to make improvements. We will invest in supporting and developing our workforce and promote a positive and open culture of learning. We will make sure that Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust is a great place to work.

To work with partners to deliver integrated care

This means that we will work positively with other providers, local authorities and commissioners to ensure that the design of services offers the best possible, affordable care. We will work with partners striving to give every child the best start in life. We will design services based on the physical, mental and care needs of local people and ensure that these are joined-up where this makes sense.

To ensure clinical and financial sustainability

This means that we will manage resources carefully and make sure that clinical models are robust and reliable. We will take a long-term view of financial risk and strategic planning. We will look carefully at trends in activity and align workforce and infrastructure capacity. We will seek to expand our services to a wider population where this provides greater clinical resilience.