Items wanted and available

Posted 26 September

Wanted: Set of under desk drawers with our without keys. Please contact Dawn Smith on ext. 3526 or [email protected].

Wanted: 8 chairs for a waiting area. Please contact The EPAU Team on ext. 5373.

Available: 2 storage modules with plastic draws, good working condition and wheels work. Collect from SDEC.

Posted 7 September

Wanted: Office Chair and Medium sized desk (with or without drawers). Please contact Rebecca Bradford on ext. 5877 or [email protected].

Wanted: Small (single person) desk. Please contact Woodlands Ward on ext. 3670 or [email protected].

 Posted 31 August

Available: Set of drawers. Collection from 21 Wetherby Road, 1st Floor, Harrogate, HG2 7RY. Please contact Mariya Romero on [email protected].

Posted 23 August

Available: Five monitor stands for GE Patient monitors. Collection from ED. Please contact Amanda Metcalfe on [email protected]

Posted 23 August

Wanted: Three laptop cart/trolleys. Please contact the Community Hub Admin Team on Extension 3035.

 Posted 9 August

Wanted: Medium size desk. Please contact Andrea Richardson, Recruitment Manager on [email protected].

Posted 18 July

Wanted: Medium size desks. Please contact the Community Hub Admin Team on Briary Wing via Extension 3035 or email [email protected].

Posted 18 July

Wanted: Small side table, same height as a desk. Offer: four draw filling cabinet. Please contact the payroll team on [email protected].

Posted 12 July

Wanted: x2 clinical trolleys with or without draws. Please contact the diabetes research team on ext 3267 or email [email protected]

Posted 4 July

Available: Blood Transfusion have a number of printer cartridges free as they are not compatible for the work they do:

3480 x 3

3430 x 2

Please contact Blood Transfusion ext 3069/3070 or email [email protected]

Posted 20 June

Available: Lockable tall Bristol Maid white cabinet with drawers. Height 185cm, 50cm wide and 53cm deep.

Contact Day Surgery Unit on extension number 5403/5401 and ask for Lorraine, Gail or Lynn.

Posted 15 June

Wanted: A large whiteboard for The Children’s Safeguarding Team. Please email [email protected] if interested or extension number on 7541.

Wanted: Spare desk without drawers for the Dermatology Secretaries Office. Please email [email protected] or contact her on extention number 7442.