Items wanted and available

Posted 19 June

Wanted: Small lockable filing cabinet. Contact Yvette Leake at  [email protected]

Wanted: 1 x Hydraulic/manual patient couch and/or electric patient couch. If a service has one surplus to requirements please contact [email protected]

Posted 12 June

Wanted: 2 x Office Chairs Contact Bex Nunn – [email protected]

Wanted: 2 x Pin Board Contact Bex Nunn – [email protected]

Posted 29 May

Wanted: Heaters wanted to increase the temperature within Microbiology, all gratefully accepted. Please contact Helen Kirrane if you have anything suitable [email protected]

Posted 22 May

Wanted: Tall Drug/Medicine cupboard with keys. Approx size 1870mm x 500mm. Please contact the Discharge Lounge team on ext: 3008

Available: Small table 21cm depth x 15cm across x 27cm height. Contact Juliette Harris (Ext 5877)

Wanted: Small trolley for the research team to use with a Afinion POCT device due to relocation. Please contact Nicky Hollowood if you have anything suitable [email protected]

Available items on Bolton Ward 

The following items of furniture are available. If you would like to collect any of the items below, please contact [email protected].

Coffee Table

605mm wide
415mm high

Small Square Table

600 x 600mm wide
730mm high

Large Square Table

900 x 900mm wide
715mm high