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Emotional health – 5-11 year olds

NHS Choices has some really useful information about emotional health. Click here to visit their website.

You can find out about:

  • The National Child Measurement Programme
  • Getting healthy as a family
  • Healthier lunchboxes
  • Worried about your teenager
  • Sleep
  • Dental care and sugar
  • Feelings
  • Bereavement
  • Drugs
  • Cancer
  • How to spot Child Sexual Explotation

Emotional Health

Parents and older children

Mindfulness apps:

Mental Health Support:

  • Feelings and symptoms section
  • Coping with mental health issues
  • Parent support

Younger children

Building self-esteem:



Wall of expression (write your worries and watch them disappear):

Your locker your space (Put your feelings where you want them and lock them away):

 Older primary school children

What is emotional resilience?