Growing Healthy Sunderland

Growing Healthy Sunderland provides 0-19 services for children, young people and families in Sunderland.

Single Point of contact telephone number: 03000 031552.

Growing Healthy Sunderland provides an integrated Public Health service for expectant mothers, children and young people and their families in the city. This includes:

  • Provision of antenatal reviews from 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Provision of all mandatory universal reviews.
  • Provision of a 3-4 month review.
  • Provision of school readiness review.
  • Targeted support for teenage parents via the implementation of the Family Nurse Partnership.
  • Provision of the National Child Measurement Programme at start and completion of primary school.
  • Audiology Screening at commencement of primary education.
  • Provision of Public Health advice, information and support.
  • Provision of enhanced support to children and young people with higher levels of need.
  • Ensuring children and vulnerable adults are kept safe.
  • Provision of support to schools in developing a full understanding of the health and wellbeing needs of their pupils.
  • Provision of Oral Health Promotion.

The team delivers high quality, evidence-based interventions which support families and identify and respond appropriately to need across the city of Sunderland. It offers:

  • An integrated service offering assessment, advice and support to expectant parents, children, young people and families
  • A high quality approach to ensuring the effective delivery of the Healthy Child Programme including all mandatory functions (five universal health visiting checks and the National Child Measurement Programme).
  • Effective management of the safeguarding of children and vulnerable parents or family members.
  • Provision of an appropriately trained and supervised Public Health workforce.
  • Demonstrable commitment to improving outcomes for children, young people and families in Sunderland.
  • An enhanced offer of support for teenage parents, vulnerable young people and adults which utilises evidence based models of practice.
  • A Sunderland-based, accessible service working into people’s homes, schools, colleges, Family Centres and other community venues.
  • High levels of communication and engagement with children, young people and their families including use of innovative methods of communicating, for example social media, apps, texting and websites.
  • A distinctly branded and visible service which is understood by service users and stakeholders.
  • Productive relationships with other professionals supporting children, young people and their families.

Growing Healthy Sunderland is funded by Sunderland City Council and delivered by Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.