Children’s Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants work with children and young people who have conditions which affect physical development, walking, movement, balance, coordination and posture. We also help children who have conditions that affect breathing.

Our physiotherapists will talk to you and assess your child to find out what the main concerns are. We will suggest ways to manage difficulties with walking, movement and balance. If required, we can organise special equipment, including:

  • Splints
  • Special shoes
  • Walking frames

We promote active lifestyles and often recommend certain activities such as swimming or cycling. We offer hydrotherapy (exercise and movement in the water) to children who will benefit from the warmth of the water and careful handling by a physiotherapist.

We work with other members of the Specialist Children’s Services and give advice to other people, such as teachers, child minders and carers, when appropriate.

Depending on need, we might see your child once and offer advice, or offer regular appointments. These appointments might be at the Child Development Centre, at school, home or at a local children’s centre.

Harrogate and District


For children aged up to five years, access to physiotherapy is via our physiotherapy drop-in sessions. These are held on a weekly basis, during term-time, and rotate between four community locations. No referral is necessary, however health professionals such as GPs, paediatricians and health visitors may signpost you to a drop-in session and send us some information in advance.

At a drop-in session, your child will be assessed by a qualified physiotherapist who will offer advice and ideas. They may decide that your child requires a more detailed assessment and will arrange for this to take place at a later date.

Use the links below under ‘Drop in sessions’ to find session dates.

For older children, we accept referrals from Harrogate and District GPs, Harrogate consultants and health visitors.

Inpatient services

We provide physiotherapy for children on Woodlands Ward, where we see patients on request, Monday to Friday.

What happens next?

Following assessment, we may recommend a range of interventions including exercises, activity ideas, hydrotherapy or a series of treatment sessions with the physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant. We may also refer your child to the Orthotics or Podiatry Departments for specialist footwear, insoles and splints.

We work closely with our colleagues in the Child Development Centre and may offer joint treatment sessions with, for example, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

Drop in sessions

If you are worried about your child’s physical development please visit one of our ‘Drop-In’ Sessions.

The sessions are run by a qualified Physiotherapist and a Physiotherapy Assistant. They will be able to talk to you about any concerns you may have about your child’s physical development.

Click here to download our September 2019-February 2020 drop-in clinics timetableTo open a PDF you may need to download Adobe Reader

Click here to download our March-July 2020 drop-in clinics timetableTo open a PDF you may need to download Adobe Reader

Your child must be registered with a Harrogate and Rural District GP to be seen. No appointment is necessary, just call in.

Key staff

Children’s Physiotherapy Team Leader: Fran Hartley

Senior Specialist Children’s Physiotherapists: Rachel Hill and Helene Whitaker

Specialist Children’s Physiotherapists: Hazel Smith and Louise Hinchliffe

Physiotherapy Assistants: Anita Lindsay and Amanda Rayner

Hambleton and Richmondshire

The physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants in Hambleton and Richmondshire work with children and young people who have different conditions which affect physical development, walking, movement, balance, coordination and posture.


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