Supervision of midwifery

Supervision of midwifery is a legal and professional requirement and has been in place since the first Midwives Act of 1902. Every practising midwife must have a named Supervisor of Midwives.

Please note: As of 31 March 2017, Supervision of Midwives is no longer a statutory requirement.

The role and name of Supervisor of Midwives (SOMs) will cease to function as it has been removed from statute. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will be in direct control of the regulatory activity.

A new model called AEQUIP (Advocating for Education and Quality Improvement) has been in pilot form with the introduction of Professional Midwifery Advocates (PMAs) to replace the role of SOMs as part of this model.  This employer-led model includes a continuous improvement process that builds: personal and professional resilience, enhances quality of care for women and their babies and supports preparedness for appraisal and professional revalidation.

Until this new model is introduced we will have an interim period between one model ceasing and another one starting. We would like to reassure all women and their families booked to have their care at Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust as well as the midwifery staff of the following:

  • The 6 existing SOMs will now be called Midwifery Advocates
  • We will all continue to have a caseload of midwives
  • We will all be available for midwives to advise on professional development, encourage discussion and reflection on clinical cases
  • A Midwifery Advocate will be present at maternity governance meetings
  • We will support midwives by coaching them to support informed choice for women by having ad hoc sessions on current and previous cases

For further information on midwifery supervision and why it was removed from the statue, please click here to view the Department of Health’s Proposals for changing the system of midwifery supervision in the UK.

If you need to speak to anyone regarding your care or your labour/delivery please contact Alison Pedlingham, Head of Midwifery on 01423 555637 or by email: