Harrogate and Rural District Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Therapy service for children who have a GP in Harrogate, Knaresborough or Ripon.

This is the Speech and Language Therapy service for children who have a GP in Harrogate, Knaresborough or Ripon.

Speech and language therapy services are provided in clinics, nurseries and schools and are available Monday-Friday from 9am-4.30pm. Speech and language therapists are based at the Child Development Centre at Harrogate District Hospital. We also work in two special schools, Forest School and Springwater School. If you have any enquiries, you are welcome to email us on speech.therapy@hdft.nhs.uk.

Early years services

Click here to download our parent information booklet.

If your child is in pre-school and you are worried about his or her speech, language and communication and/or eating and drinking development you can come along to a drop in clinic.

Harrogate Drop in dates – September 2017-July 2018.

School-aged services

To refer a child in reception or above please speak to the class teacher or the special educational needs co-ordinator and ask them to make a referral using the referral form below together with the appropriate guidance document:

You can also be referred by your health visitor, school nurse, paediatrician, or GP.

Please note that signed consent by parents or carers is required for all referrals.

Specialist speech and language therapy

If your child requires more specialist help, your community speech and language therapist will refer you to a specific service. These services include

  • The Child Development Centre, Harrogate District Hospital
  • Specialist Stammering Service, Harrogate District Hospital
  • Alternative or Augmentative Communication (AAC) service


Child Development Centre
Harrogate District Hospital
Lancaster Park Road
North Yorkshire

Useful links

  • Afasic – a charity which helps young people with speech and language difficulties and their families. The website has a message board where you can chat to other families, and provides free download sheets on a range of diagnoses.
  • British Stammering Association – a first point of contact for information and support on stammering and stuttering.
  • I CAN – a children’s communication charity working to support children with communication difficulties.
  • Makaton – information on Makaton signing, resources and training, as well as a forum for Makaton users to share their experiences..
  • Talk To Your Baby – this Literacy Trust initiative contains free, downloadable parent information leaflets about early interaction.
  • The Communication Trust – this coalition of 50 voluntary and community organisations with expertise in speech, language and communication provides films to help parents encourage their children’s communicative development.