Community research

Our Community Research Nurse works closely with GP surgeries and care homes in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon to enable patients, their families and carers to be involved in research

Helen Permain

Primary Care Research Nurse

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Research Office

Top Floor, 19 Wetherby Rd,

Harrogate District Hospital

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North Yorkshire


Direct Telephone:    01423 553267

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What do we do?

Welcome to the local community research page.

“As a Community Research Nurse I work closely with GP surgeries and care homes in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Ripon to enable patients, their families and carers to be involved in research.

“The research that I support is driven by the priorities of the NHS and the Department of Health, and informed by the views of patients and their carers.”

The aim of Community Research is to improve care for patients with a variety of conditions through different types of research including observing and examining people with different conditions and developing new treatments. Research studies might also be concerned with preventing disease and promoting good health or finding out people’s experience of different services and support in the community.

“I also work closely with The Diabetes Research Team to identify patients who may want to participate in a trial run by the specialist diabetes team, who do not usually oversee your care.  I have had experience of running diabetes trials in a couple of GP practices locally. I hope to continue to grow this service.”

Please keep your eyes posted on these pages to see if there is anything you may want to take part in.

Community Research Trials:


PANDA – What are the indications for Prescribing ANtiDepressAnts that will lead to a clinical benefit?


GP Practices Involved– Church Avenue Surgery, Stockwell Road Surgery, The Leeds Road Surgery and North House Surgery


A Phase IV, double-blind, randomised, parallel group, multi-site trial in patients presenting with depressive symptoms in primary care.
We are recruiting people to find out who might fully benefit from antidepressants, by comparing an antidepressant with a placebo. The study will include people with mild depression, low mood or anxiety where their GP is not sure whether the tablets will help or not. In this way we can find out the groups of people in which the antidepressant is helping.



Study Webpage:


Allheart – Allopurinol and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with ischaemic heart disease


GP Practices Involved – Church Avenue Surgery & Stockwell Road Surgery


This is a trial of allopurinol 600mg daily versus no treatment added to usual therapy in patients aged 60 years and over with ischaemic heart disease The aim is to establish whether allopurinol improves cardiovascular outcomes in this population.





Study Webpage:


Co-ordinated Programme to Prevent Arthritis: Can We Identify Arthritis at a Pre-Clinical Stage?


GP Practices Involved – Church Lane Surgery, Stockwell Road Surgery, Park Parade Surgery, The Leeds Road Surgery, Spa Surgery, Dr Ingram & Partners, North House Surgery and Springbank Surgery


This study is assessing anti-CCP antibody, a new blood test, which can help predict the development of rheumatoid arthritis.

The study team are looking for patients who present at their surgery with new-onset, non-specific musculoskeletal complaints who you would not normally be planning on referring to the Rheumatology Unit, together with asymptomatic patients with a first degree relative diagnosed with RA.

A prospective, observational cohort trial involving the Early Arthritis Clinic at Chapel Allerton Hospital.


Heat – Helicobacter Eradication Aspirin Trial.


GP Practice Involved– Springbank Surgery

11 Practices have already completed this study


HEAT is a large scale outcomes study designed to see whether a one week course of Helicobacter pylori eradication reduces hospitalisation for ulcer bleeding in patients using aspirin ≤325mg daily.



Study Website:


ECASS – Evaluation of a Computer Aid for assessing Stomach Symptoms


GP Practices Involved – The Leeds Road Surgery


A Phase II exploratory randomised controlled trial comparing the use of electronic clinical decision support for suspected oesophago-gastric cancer in primary care with usual care.



The ECASS Study

Evaluation of a Computer Aid for assessing Stomach Symptoms


TUDOR  – Total bUrDen of psORiasis


GP Practices Involved– Church Avenue Surgery, Stockwell Road Surgery, Nidderdale Group Practice, The Leeds Road Surgery, Spa Surgery and Springbank Surgery


Psoriasis is a common skin disorder affecting over 1 million people in England. There are many health complications which are associated with psoriasis. The purpose of the TUDOR study is to find out whether diagnosing psoriasis related health complications earlier (than normally in standard NHS care) leads to an improvement in physical health of the patient.




GP Practice Involved – North House Surgery


A series of randomised controlled trials in patients who have discontinued or are considering discontinuing statin use due to muscle-related symptoms to assess if atorvastatin treatment causes more muscle symptoms than placebo.


Study Website


Stilts – A study examining the common and rare genetic variants associated with thinness


GP Practices Involved –  Church Avenue Surgery, Stockwell Road Surgery and Spa Surgery

We are inviting participants with a BMI of<18kg/m2 to take part in this observational study which is examining the common and rare genetic variants associated with thinness. The study seeks to contribute to improved strategies for the prevention and treatment of disorders including obesity.


Molecular Genetic Investigations of Amelogenesis Imperfecta


Principal Investigator – Dr Balmer


We are studying the inherited factors (genes) that cause Amelogenesis Imperfecta, a varied group of genetic conditions that cause dental enamel to form abnormally.

We are recruiting children who have Amelogenesis Imperfecta (and their families) where the genetic cause is unknown so that we can look at the genes of families with exactly the same condition.


Patch – Posture and mobility in Care Homes


Care Home Involved – The Granby


This study is examining how well a new training programme, run by physiotherapists, for care home staff works. The training will show staff ways to help residents to find good positions to sit or lie in, and how to move in the best way.


BHiRCH – Better Health in Residents in Care Homes


Care Homes Involved – Bilton Hall, Apley Grange and Westfield Care Home


Emergency admissions to hospital can be distressing to care home residents and their families. Some care home residents go to hospital for illnesses that could have been treated in the care home if they had been detected earlier.

A new and simple way has been developed to ensure that changes in the health of care home residents are picked up and acted upon as soon as possible. This study will test these new methods, over a year, to see whether it results in better overall health for the residents.


Diabetes Prevention using SMS technology


GP Practices Involved – Spa Surgery and East Parade Surgery

This trial recruited patients from GP practices with known pre-diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance based on blood tests screening for diabetes called an HbA1c).

Patients are followed up for 2 years following initial education on diet and lifestyle advice then randomised to receive three times weekly text messages providing lifestyle advice, or not.

This trial was sponsored by Imperial College, London

Trials that have COMPLETED FOLLOW UP and are awaiting results:

Date closed

Vidal – The Vitamin D and Longevity Trial


GP Practice Involved – Dr Moss & Partners

A feasibility study where patients were randomised to Vitamin D or control.

October 2017

Other trials completed:

  • Children with Anxiety Disorders in Primary Care
  • Time
  • Million Woman