Information for visitors

Whether you are visiting a loved one on the wards or accompanying them to a clinic, we ask that you respect our policies which are in place to protect our patients, visitors, and staff.

Click here for information on visiting inpatients at Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital. 

Please see our visiting times before coming in to visit a patient on the ward. Information about directions and parking is available for each of our hospital locations.

Our Carers’ Passport

In January 2018, the Trust launched a Carers’ Passport across Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital sites.

The Carers’ Passport aims to provide support to carers who are looking after patients while they are staying in hospital, and offers them the opportunity to work in partnership with hospital staff.

The Carers’ Passport also entitles holders to open access, allowing them benefits that regular hospital visitors are not eligible for.

For more information on the Carers’ Passport and contact details for how to apply for one, click here.


Both Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital are smoke-free. Patients, visitors, and staff are not allowed to smoke on our hospital premises. This includes both indoor and outdoor areas.

If you would like help and advice on quitting smoking visit our Swap & Stop Smoking Services webpage

Preventing infection

Many of our patients are vulnerable to infection, and even the most common cold can present a potential threat. Therefore we ask visitors to respect the following rules which help prevent infection and protect our patients:

  • Please do not visit if you’ve had any vomiting and/or diarrhoea in the last 48 hours, or have a cough, cold, or other infection.
  • Consider postponing your visit if a ward has an outbreak of sickness and/or diarrhoea. Signs at ward entrances will advise if that area is affected.
  • Strictly adhere to rules regarding visiting times and the number of visitors.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly before you enter the ward and after you leave. Alcohol hand rub dispensers are located throughout the hospital and at ward entrances for your use.
  • Check with ward staff before you bring in food to ensure it meets our safety standards.
  • Don’t sit on patients’ beds, use the visitors chairs provided
  • Children under 12 years old are advised not to visit where possible

If you have any questions regarding infection prevention and control, please ask a member of staff, and remember that you can always telephone the ward in advance if you have any doubts or queries. For more information, please visit our infection prevention and control page.

Facilities for visitors

Find out more information about the shops, cafes, and restaurants at Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital.

Cash machine

There is a cash machine in the foyer at Harrogate District Hospital. The machine charges £1.25 per transaction.

Cash machines are located just a five minute walk away from Ripon Community Hospital, in the city’s Market Square.

Public telephones

Public telephones are available for use in Harrogate District Hospital. They are located by the General Office in the main entrance.

Information kiosks

Located in the main entrance of Harrogate District Hospital, our touch-screen information kiosks provide health-related information on a range of surgical and medical problems. You can also access national support groups and health information for travellers. Information can be printed, and one of the kiosks is wheelchair-friendly.


The Harrogate District Hospital Chapel provides a place of peace and calm in the middle of a busy hospital where patients, visitors, and staff can spend a few moments in reflection or prayer. Candles can be lit, and a visitors’ book gives an opportunity to leave comments. Read more information about the Chapel and the Chaplaincy Service.

Accessible Adult Change Facility

A wheelchair accessible changing facility is available for visitors to Harrogate District Hospital, located in the Endoscopy Unit and open 8am-7pm Monday to Saturday. If you wish to use this facility please speak to staff at main reception who can contact the Clinical Site Manager.

Visitors’ sitting room

If you would like to stay at Harrogate District Hospital between the visiting periods and don’t want to sit in our cafe or restaurant, you’re welcome to relax and rest in our visitors’ sitting room.

The sitting area is open from 4-6pm and is located in the Elmwood Day Unit on the ground floor of the Hospital. Please ask at reception if you require directions.

Friends’ garden

The Friends’ garden is located at Harrogate District Hospital and provides a tranquil space for visitors and patients to relax on those rare occasions when the Yorkshire sun makes an appearance. The garden is accessible by all and offers a number of benches for those requiring a rest.

Bringing food into hospital

Many visitors like to bring food and drink for their loved ones when they come to visit. However, in order to ensure food safety, we recommend that you only bring:

  • Washed fresh fruit
  • Pre wrapped biscuits/sweets
  • Non-alcoholic bottled or canned drinks
  • Prepared food that can be eaten straight away (our infection prevention and control procedures mean that we are not able to store or refrigerate food that relatives bring in)

In certain cases, we may encourage friends and relatives to bring particular food items in to encourage patients with poor appetites to eat. If this is the case, we will contact you.

Please don’t worry if you’re unable to bring in all the food items that you want. We have a fantastic Catering Service and offer a wide range of foods for patients. Read more information about inpatients facilities.