Maternity Services

We provide care for you and your baby from the start of your pregnancy through the birth and beyond, offering support, advice and information to help you through this exciting time.


If you are pregnant and are considering giving birth at Harrogate, please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can start planning your care together. You may also complete this form at any stage in pregnancy if you wish to transfer your care to Harrogate from another maternity care provider (please indicate which hospital you wish to transfer your care from). You can also complete this form to refer a pregnancy on behalf of a woman.

Our aim is make sure you have access to the right care from day one. Harrogate will review the information you provide and the hospital will contact you in the next few weeks to start your antenatal care. In the meantime if you are worried about your pregnancy, please tell your GP straight away.

We strongly advise you to read information about screening tests that will be offered to you in early pregnancy to help you make informed decisions. You can access this by going to the help pages below. The information is also available in different languages.

Our Maternity Referral Service, BadgerNet

As of Tuesday 21 March 2023 all referrals will be submitted online, please click the button below to start your referral, this will take you to our referral page connected to our electronic pregnancy record Badgernet, it should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. The information provided here enables us to start planning your antenatal care. There will be similar questions asked in a pre booking questionnaire that you will receive at your first contact appointment.

Learn more about Badger Notes and our Digital Records 

Before completing the form, it is important that you read information about screening tests to help you make informed decisions.

Click here to make an online referral

If you have any difficulties in opening or completing this form please contact the Antenatal Clinic on 01423 553010 (Monday- Friday 9-5pm).

Pregnancy and Birth Revisited service

If you have had a baby and have specific questions about your birth experience or would like to talk through what happened, we offer a midwifery-led Pregnancy and Birth Revisited service.
Complete the referral form and return to [email protected] if you would like to access the service.

Click here to download the Pregnancy and Birth Revisited Self-Referral Form

If you experience any difficulty in completing the self referral form , or you are unable to access a printer, these forms will be available at your GP surgery. Please ask at reception of your surgery.

You can download an App on your mobile phone by using this QR-code and adding it to your home screen. You will then be able to refer to the different tests for you and your newborn baby throughout pregnancy. The information is also available in different languages.

If you can’t use our QR code, you may also access the information using this link:

Please calculate your BMI (body mass index) using the NHS Choices calculator.

If your calculated BMI is 30 or more please speak to your GP at your earliest opportunity to obtain a prescription for an increased dose of folic acid (5mg daily).

Click here to read why folic acid is important in pregnancy.

If you are a smoker, stopping smoking will reduce the risk of:

  • A miscarriage
  • Premature birth (baby born before 37 weeks)
  • An underweight baby
  • Stillbirth
  • Cot death

We want to help all pregnant women to stop smoking and will be providing hospital-based appointments within Consultant-led clinics. We will also be offering routine referrals for all smokers to Smoking Cessation services to provide support.

To find out more about quitting and to get support for you or your partner, call the free NHS Smokefree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044.

The following pages will direct you to the services we offer, to help you through the journey to becoming a parent. We offer antenatal care through your pregnancy, care during labour and birth, and postnatal care after your baby is born.

Remember to attend all of your antenatal appointments

  • Regular check-ups are an important part of keeping you and your baby healthy

  • Although you may be feeling well it is still important to attend all of your appointments

  • Regular check-ups can help identify and reduce risks to you and your baby

The Maternity Unit delivers approximately 2,000 births annually and we welcome women from Harrogate and from the surrounding areas.

Our aim is to work in partnership, to provide you and your family with a safe, friendly and effective service, aiming to deliver the highest standard of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and during the first few weeks following your baby’s birth.

Born and Bred in (BaBi)

Born and Bred in (BaBi) is a new research study launched in the Harrogate district to help improve the health of local children and families.

Consisting of a network of local birth cohort studies run by NHS Foundation Trusts across England, they work together to link existing data across health, education, and social care to create a picture of families’ lives over time. The programme aims to find out what influences the health and wellbeing of families and the data will highlight any inequalities in our region and help to shape local services, creating a healthier and happier environment for families.

Women will be invited to take part in the study during pregnancy by their midwife. If they wish to participate, health researchers then link together routinely collected data from parent and child, such as such as blood pressure measurements during ante-natal appointments, or the details of baby’s height and weight recorded by health visitors, to see how health, care and services could be improved.

For further information on BaBi Harrogate please visit

Contact us

Community Midwifery Office: 01423 553051 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)

Antenatal Clinic: 01423 553010 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)

Maternity Assessment Centre: 01423 557531 (8am-8pm, Monday-Friday)

If you need to speak to someone urgently outside of these hours, the Delivery Suite can be contacted 24 hours a day on 01423 553184.