Patient Experience Team

The Patient Experience Team is on hand to listen to your feedback and help you with any concerns you might have over the quality of your care.

We are always looking to improve our services for patients and visitors, and welcome compliments, comments, concerns and complaints.

We are responsible for providing an understanding and sensitive first response to your feedback and for passing concerns and complaints to relevant staff for investigation.

We will work with you to clarify the precise nature of your concerns and identify what you would like to achieve by making contact with us. We will then explore the various available options to help you resolve your problem. Finding the most suitable way forward, in agreement with you, is a very important first step in dealing with your concerns. If the issues you have raised involve a number of organisations, we will seek your consent to share your concerns and arrange a co-ordinated response.

Contact us

CALL on: 01423 555499

COMMENT using the comment forms located on the front reception desk

CLICK using our online form

CHAT to us in person at The Patient Experience Team, located at the front reception of Harrogate District Hospital

For out of hours queries the Chaplaincy Service is always on call and may be able to assist. You can contact the Chaplaincy Service and other departments through the Trust Switchboard on 01423 885959. You can leave feedback for us on Care Opinion or via the NHS website .

Meet the team

James Knapp – Patient Experience Co-Ordinator

James joined the team in January 2019. James is new to the NHS, having previously worked in third sector community services for six and a half years.

Megan Matthewman – Patient Experience Officer

Megan joined the Patient Experience Team in April 2018. You can contact Megan to discuss any concern, compliments or complaints that you may have.

Ben Goode – Patient Experience Officer

Ben joined the Patient Experience Team in April 2018. You can contact Ben to discuss any concern, compliments or complaints that you may have.

Compliments, comments, concerns and complaints

Compliments are a helpful way of letting staff know when they are getting it right. They can be given directly to an individual, team or department, or you can share them with the Patient Experience Team via the telephone, email, letter or our online form.

Comments are really valuable to us because they help us to improve or change the way we do things. Please do get in touch if you have any comments about the way we run our services – we’re always keen to get input from our patients and their families.

If you have a concern about your care, treatment or experience with us, please raise it with the nursing staff or medical team who are involved in your care in the first instance. Often they are best placed to provide you with an explanation about why something has or has not been done. The majority of concerns can be resolved quickly and easily this way.

If your concern or complaint cannot be answered by the ward or department, or if you’re dissatisfied with the response, please contact the Patient Experience Team.

Sometimes a more formal investigation or independent medical review may be the best way forward. The Patient Experience Team can discuss this with you and agree how to progress with an agreed timescale for a response.

Alternatively, you may prefer to contact the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service which provides help for people who need assistance to complain about NHS services. This service is independent from the NHS, confidential and free.

If you feel uncomfortable about making a complaint, you can nominate a friend or member of your family to act on your behalf. Please note that we will need your written consent before we can share information with them.

What happens next?

Once the Trust has had the opportunity to look into your concerns and reply to you, we will check that you are happy with our response and the way we have dealt with this. We are usually able to resolve your issues, but if you are not satisfied and it is felt that there is nothing further to be achieved at a local level, you could contact the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman and ask them to review your concerns.

If your complaint is regarding services such as School Nurses or Health Visitors you could contact the Local Government Ombudsman.

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is a national initiative that gives patients the opportunity to leave feedback on their care and treatment. It provides a valuable insight into patient experience and is integral to our desire to drive improvement and ensure excellence every time.

There are multiple ways that you may be asked to participate in the Friends and Family Test. There may be suggestion slips in the department you are visiting, or you may be contacted by telephone.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback.

The HARCVS Directory – Where To Turn

You may wish to contact local voluntary and community groups who may be able to support you. Harrogate and Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service (HARCVS) has put together a comprehensive directory for Harrogate, Ripon and the surrounding areas. Click here to access it.

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