Dr Jay Naik

Dr Jay Naik is a consultant in Medical Oncology specialising in Breast Cancer.

  • Name

    Dr Jay Naik

  • Job title

    Consultant in Medical Oncology

  • GMC Number


  • Qualifications

    MRCP (UK)

  • Medical Interests

    Breast Cancer

Dr Jay Naik

Dr Jay Naik is a Yorkshire trained Medical Oncologist, working as a consultant since 2011. He joined HDFT in 2020.

Dr Naik specialises in treating patients with Breast Cancer, and supports the local Acute Oncology Team, who advise and coordinate care for patients admitted with complications of cancer and it’s treatment.

He is interested in delivering the best care possible and leads the West Yorkshire and Harrogate ‘Optimal Pathways’ Breast Group, promoting best practice, and tackling Breast Cancer challenges on a region-wide basis.

Dr Naik holds a keen interest in communication and in helping patients to understand and navigate the increasingly complex treatment choices they are faced with. He has taken part in, contributed to, and co-delivered a version of the TARGET & TRUSTING courses run by the SHORE-C group run by Val Jenkins and Lesley Fallowfield and aimed at enhancing clinician’s skills in advanced communication; specifically talking about risk to patients.