Colleagues save a life in Scarborough street

Posted on: Tuesday 2 Aug 2016

Back on 9 July 2016 two heroes from our North Yorkshire 5-19 Healthy Child Service were in Scarborough town centre and came across Helen, who was sadly having a massive heart attack.

Michelle Ireland and Louise Harwood carried out CPR on Helen, who incredibly had no output for 50 minutes. They carried on with chest compressions for well over an hour.happy story

Helen had suffered a massive heart attack in the street and had further heart attacks in the air ambulance on the way to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.

Well, miracles do happen!

Pictured are Louise (on the left) and Michelle (on the right) with Helen. Helen is one very lucky lady and has no complications other than a painful chest.

Michelle said: “It was so nice to see her so well. Helen will be holding a fundraiser in a few weeks for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Louise and I are really quite shocked that she has survived, especially in the community as it’s quite unheard of. I think she was one tough lady and Louise and I were determined not to give up.”

Huge thanks go to Yorkshire Air Ambulance and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust too.