Harrogate District Hospital’s Parkinson’s Team event

Posted on: Monday 30 Jan 2023

Last week, on Wednesday 18 January, the Parkinson’s Team at HDFT organised an informative event at Cedar Court Hotel regarding the local Parkinson’s service at Harrogate District Hospital.

The event was sponsored and financed by the Harrogate Branch of Parkinson’s UK with 150 people attending including patients with Parkinson’s, their relatives or carers, Reablement team representatives and Leeds PD Charity representatives.

The event’s agenda:

  • Who we are and how to access us
  • Local Parkinson’s and Dementia forward charity introduction
  • Local research update
  • Physical exercises and singing demonstration
  • Opportunity to talk to the Parkinson’s team, research nurses, Parkinson’s society  and Dementia Forward charity

It was a very interactive event, mainly during physical exercise segments where participants were encouraged to stamp their feet and stretch their arms to the ‘’New York’’ song under the supervision of members from the Physiotherapy team before those attending were invited everyone to sing ‘’Drunken Sailor’’.

The atmosphere was amazing. People felt relaxed and at ease. The feedback received was marvellous as the event was thought to be informative, useful and participants felt comfortable enough that they could ask questions.

Appreciative comments included: ‘’it was a brilliant session and fun’’, ‘’an excellent event and I appreciated the positive effect of music’’, ‘’I am heartened to see the team assembled behind, supporting Dr Buccoliero and feel everything is moving in the right direction’’.

The Parkinson’s team, could not be happier as the goal of this meeting had been achieved – for everyone to feel part of a big community promoting reflection, physical exercise, giving, social interactions, and to keep learning.

The hope is to repeat a similar event next year and for the team to continue with their well-established, working relationship with the Harrogate and District Branch of Parkinson’s UK.

Thank you to everyone who came.