‘Tilt-in-space’ wheelchair for Harrogate District Hospital Ward thanks to generous donation from patient’s relative

Posted on: Tuesday 20 Mar 2018

A specialised Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair that will “make a huge difference to patients” has been received by a ward at Harrogate District Hospital, thanks to a generous donation from a relative of a patient.

The chair has been purchased by the Therapy team on Oakdale Ward following a donation from the charity the Golden Bottle Trust in late 2017.

The donation came after a Trustee of the charity had a relative who was a patient on the Ward. They were so impressed by the standard of care offered by therapy staff that they arranged a donation which the team used to purchase the Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair.

The Tilt-in-Space wheelchair offers extra support to patients around the head and the back, promoting good posture. It also gives them opportunities to do things that a normal wheelchair would prevent them from doing, such as taking part in everyday activities that are usually inaccessible.  It has a broad range of positioning and caregiver options, and numerous adjustments, plus a frame that rotates around the user’s centre of gravity.

The wheelchair has improved patient experience on the ward, benefiting them in a number of ways to promote independence. This includes supporting patients with difficulties sitting up, assisting patients in therapy for example feeding, allowing families to take patients off the ward for a short time and promoting effective communication.

Staff on Oakdale Ward provide care for patients with stroke, neurology, oncology and haematological conditions.

The Therapy team on Oakdale Ward make up part of the Trust’s wider Therapy Services team. They offer stroke, neurology and amputee rehabilitation services on the ward, and include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and rehabilitation assistants.

Pam Bagot, Principal Physiotherapist in Stroke, Neurology and Amputee Rehab with the Trust, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been able to purchase this specialised Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair. The chair will make a huge difference to our patients here on Oakdale Ward and we can now support them in a way we cannot do without this equipment.

“We are extremely grateful for the donation from the Golden Bottle Trust, following the care we provided to a patient whose relative was a Trustee of the charity. Without their help, this would not have been possible.”


For further information please contact:

Jamie Wright, Communications and Marketing Assistant, [email protected] and 01423 557732.

Pictured: Pam Bagot, centre, with the Therapy team on Oakdale Ward at Harrogate District Hospital.