Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs)

We are healthcare professionals educated to Masters level from a diverse range of clinical backgrounds. This has allowed us to develop the skills and knowledge to take on expanded roles and scope of practice in caring for patients.

Who are we

We are a multi-professional group of experienced clinicians from a range of backgrounds which include physiotherapists, paramedics and nurses. We have undertaken a Masters programme in Advanced Clinical Practice and have achieved a portfolio of evidence across four specific areas which are known as the Pillars of Advanced Practice. These pillars are: Leadership, Clinical Practice, Education and Research.

This has enabled us to develop skills and knowledge which have allowed us to expand our role and scope of practice. We can demonstrate expertise and professional judgement in areas such as consultation, critical thinking, clinical decision-making and leadership within the teams in which we work.

The ACP workforce complements existing clinical teams by enhancing capacity and capability at the same time as improving clinical continuity, patient safety and provide accessible and high quality care for all.

Why do we exist?

The ability of the NHS to respond to challenges of increased demand for its services has intensified pressures on the workforce. In addition, tighter financial constraints, growing workforce capacity and changes to working patterns have meant new ways of working need to be devised. The growth of the ACP role has been one of many ways to respond to these challenges in order to deliver high quality care. The Trust has supported the development of this role in order to meet some of these challenges locally.

Please click the image below to see the framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

Where will you find us

You will find us working in many areas at the Trust. These include:

• Emergency Department
• Combined Assessment Team
• Frailty Team
• Respiratory Team

Please feel free to approach us and ask us more about our role, we are always willing to share.