The Chaplaincy Department offers pastoral, spiritual and religious care and support to patients, their relatives, friends, carers, and members of staff throughout the Trust.

The offer is made individually, indiscriminately and is available to anyone, irrespective of whether or not a person holds and/or practices a particular faith or religious belief. A chaplain is available at all times of the day and night, including weekends and bank holidays.

A chaplain is available to anyone who attends hospital, whether or not a religious faith is held or practised. As well as providing services at Harrogate District Hospital, we also cover the inpatient facilities of Ripon Community Hospital.

Chaplains routinely visit the wards and approach patients with no agenda but to meet the person in a one-to-one conversation. There is no expectation that religion (whether practised or not) will form any part of the conversation. However, a chaplain is always ready to offer spiritual, religious or pastoral care and support by specific request.

Whilst we mostly work at Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital, we can accept the occasional appropriate referral for community patients.

The Chapel

The Chapel is open for prayer and quiet reflection at all times. There is the facility to light a candle in the Chapel and/or leave a prayer on the Prayer Tree, which is located just outside the Chapel.


The Chapel is located on the ground floor of Harrogate District Hospital, near Littondale Ward.


An inter-denominational Christian worship service (including the Sacrament of Holy Communion) takes place in the Chapel at 11am each Sunday. For those patients who cannot attend but who wish to receive Holy Communion, the chaplains will be pleased to attend at the bedside by request.

Our part-time chaplain at Ripon Community Hospital usually works on Fridays and offers Holy Communion at the weekend if required.


Chaplaincy Team Leader: Revd David Payne

Chaplain: Revd Adam Clayton

Roman Catholic Chaplain: Fr. Jim Leavy

Chaplain for Ripon Hospital: Canon Michael Glanville-Smith