Learning Disabilities Liaison Service

The Learning Disabilities Liaison Service helps people with learning disabilities to access hospital services.

We’ve made a Coronavirus-specific document for people with Learning Disabilities to bring with them if they come to the Emergency Department. Click/tap here to download it.

We would like to also remind patients to make sure that their hospital passport is up-to-date. You can download a passport template on the link below on this page.

There is a Learning Disabilities Nurse based at Harrogate District Hospital. You can talk to this nurse about your care.
                                               The Learning Disabilities Nurse is called Ben Haywood-Noble. Ben works Monday to Thursday, 8.30am until 4.30pm. You can contact Ben on the phone, email or letter.
   01423 553690

[email protected]


  Harrogate District Hospital
Lancaster Park Road
  If you need easy read information you can look on the easyhealth website. To go to the easyhealth website click here.

What does the Learning Disabilities Nurse do?

The Nurse can help to make plans for when you come into hospital.
The Nurse can give you a Hospital Passport to fill in. This will give staff in the hospital information about you. Click here if you would like to download a Hospital Passport.
The Nurse may come to see you when you are in hospital.
You can talk to the nurse if you are not happy with your care in hospital.

Who will the Learning Disabilities Nurse talk to?

The nurse will talk to you. He might come to see you at your home.
  If it is OK with you, the nurse will talk to your family or carers.
  The nurse may talk to doctors, nurses and other health professionals about your care and treatment.
  The nurse may talk to other people that work with you. For example, your doctor, social worker or community nurse.

Making choices

You should be in control of your own care. You should only be given treatment if you have agreed to it.
  If you do not understand what is happening with your care and treatment the Learning Disabilities Nurse can try to help.
  If you cannot understand what is happening, the hospital staff will make decisions that they think are best for you.
  They will ask the people that know you well to help with this.

Having a Flag

The nurse can also make a note on your hospital record. This is called a flag.
  This means that when you come into hospital, the staff will see on the computer that you have a learning disability.
  If you have a flag on your record the nurse will know if you come into hospital.
  If you would like to have a flag please fill in a Flagging Request Form. You can download this by clicking here.

Key Staff

Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse: Ben Haywood-Noble