Keeping the York and North Yorkshire population mobile; delivering and promoting a quality and dynamic foot health service

Podiatry services

Podiatry is a clinical speciality that deals with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb conditions. Our Podiatry Service provides care and associated specialist services into acute and community settings from over 40 clinical sites.

We offer a range of services, including nail surgery, management of high risk feet and muscular and skeletal imbalances and injuries. Our podiatrists will aim to keep you mobile, reduce your pain and discomfort and prevent any further deterioration in the condition of your feet.

We will offer you appropriate health education and advise you about your foot condition. We will explain what you can do to help improve your condition.

All our Podiatrists are Health and Care Professions Council registered. Our treatment pathways are guided by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).



Biomechanics studies the action of internal and external forces on the body. Podiatrists look at how these forces affect the foot and lower limb. Some patients may need further investigations or have complex biomechanical problems. This will require the attention of a podiatrist from the biomechanics team with additional specialist skills in this area of expertise.

Biomechanics Factsheet

High risk

The high risk service is for people who have complex conditions that put the foot at risk. Many patients are at risk as a result of diabetes, but there are a number of other risk factors including poor circulation or rheumatoid arthritis. Please note that having diabetes does not necessarily make you high risk.

We aim to prevent deterioration and avoid amputation. We work closely with wider multi-disciplinary teams to ensure that all appropriate treatments are accessed when needed.


Referral for NHS podiatry is based upon medical and podiatric need rather than age. Access to podiatry services is via Self referral or GP / Health professional referral using the below form.



I have diabetes; do I have to be seen by a Podiatrist?
If you have diabetes it is recommended that your feet are checked on an annual basis for risk factors. This is usually carried out by your Practice Nurse, who may bring to your attention any relevant diabetic complications.

I have diabetes; can I cut my own toe nails?
Yes, if you have no diabetic complications there is no reason why you cannot cut your own toenails. If necessary we are happy to show you how to do this safely.

If I am accepted for Podiatry treatment does this entitle me to indefinite care?
No, following assessment the Podiatrist will discuss your foot problems with you and agree a course of treatment.

I am over 65 and have paid my National Insurance, am I entitled to Podiatry treatment?
Like all NHS care, Podiatry is available to those assessed as having a need.

I want my toenails cut. Do you provide a pedicure service or toe nail cutting service?
A. Whilst we see and advise patients, we will not routinely see those unable to cut their own toenails. Toe nail cutting is considered as personal care; we are able to provide training for relatives/carers, alternatively there are Podiatrists/Chiropodists in the private sector who will provide this service. A list of local providers is available from the Podiatry Service if required, otherwise just look for a Podiatrist that is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Key staff

General Manager: Sarah Walters

Head of Podiatry: Emma Noe

Principal Podiatrist, Musculoskeletal: Antony Carter

Principal Podiatrist, High Risk and Diabetes: Kay Scarsbrook-Khan

Team Lead Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale: Clare Brown

Team Lead Selby and York: Robert Haythorn

Team Lead Harrogate: Tracy May

Team Lead, Hambleton and Richmondshire: Awais Riaz