Research and Innovation

Our Research and Innovation Department supports all aspects of the Trust’s research activity, ensuring it is safe, high quality and carried out in a systematic way.

The Trust is committed to improving patient care through research and innovation. We strive to give as many patients and staff as possible the opportunity to take part in clinical studies.

Research staff work with clinical teams to recruit patients into research studies and support them throughout the process.

There are more than 40 members of staff funded to support research. These include Research Nurses, Clinical Trials Assistants and staff in pathology, pharmacy and finance.

Most clinical research studies are national studies that recruit patients from several NHS organisations, including Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

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Current specialities involved in research

Diabetes, cardiology, dermatology, cancer, rheumatology, child health, reproductive health, critical care, respiratory, neurology, ophthalmology, infection, emergency care, surgery, stroke, community.

We are always looking for other specialties to take part so that all patients have the opportunity to join a study if it is suitable for them.

Taking part in research – the experience

New and improved treatments and services become available because such a wide range of people take part in research studies.  It can be a rewarding experience.

How did you feel when approached about research?

“Very positive. I am keen to give something back to the system which is looking after me so well. I am receiving excellent care and attention.”

What was your motivation for taking part in the study?

“I am in full support of going forward with new treatments, not only to help myself but others who suffer from this debilitating disease.”

Further comments?

“Good experience, made to feel special and cared for.”

Comments from our annual survey of research participants about the experience of taking part in research.

Our research performance

Over the past year, patients and members of the public have taken part in 130 research studies across 17 specialties. More than 3,000 of the participants were new recruits and 380 were already involved in studies.

Research across the Trust and trial openings

Different departments within the Trust carry out their own research. Click on the departments below to visit their research pages and view recruitment opportunities for trials:

Research round-up videos

Contact us

If you would like to know more about taking part in research or to find out if there are any studies suitable for you, please call 01423 555693 or email

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R&I Unit, Office 7, Farndale Offices, Harrogate District Hospital.

Research offices are located in other buildings at the Harrogate District Hospital site including The Stables; Top Floor, 19 Wetherby Road; and Office 5, 50 Lancaster Park Road.

Key staff

Research Leads are:

Associate Director for Research: Dr Alison Layton – 01423 557401 or
Research and Development Manager: James Hughes – 01423 555697 or
Lead Research Nurse: Maggie Peat – 01423 555693 or

Useful links and information

The research service values the contribution of patients, carers and the public. We have two Patient Research Ambassadors as part of our team, who bring the patient/public view to our work.

Patient and Public Involvement is integral to the work of the National Institute of Health Research. There are many ways to get involved. If you are interested please contact us at or 01423 555693 or go to the National Institute of Health Research website to find out more.

  • UK Clinical Trials Gateway – A database of clinical research trials running in the UK – you can see if any are relevant to you and ask us or your doctor or nurse if these studies are open in our Trust.
  • Clinical trials NHS Choices – If you are approached about taking part in research please consider reading this resource before making your decision.