Under 5s using the internet

Wondering about how much screen time your young one should have?

While there can be benefits to allowing internet access and screen time for children, it is important to understand that small infants do not need this. They learn through face-to-face contact and play with their parents and family. Toddlers’ internet usage should also be limited as watching TV and playing on devices can get in the way of children exploring, playing and interacting with grown-ups and friends. This type of play is important to encourage their learning and healthy physical and social development.

As you child grows older, too much screen time can lead to them being less physically active and spending quality time with family and playing with friends. There is growing evidence that too much screen time and high levels of inactivity can lead to poor health. For more information about the guidance for physical activity for the under 5s head to NHS Choices.

If you do decide to allow you preschooler time on a tablet, phone or computer it is important that you have things in place to keep them safe online. This short film helps to explain some simple hints and tips for e-safety for parents:

Need advice in how to set up Parental Controls? Head over to the NSPCC for more advice and guidance.