Your Voice Colleague Panel

In the next six months at TeamHDFT, we will act on what you say, and embed our values into everything we do. How we recruit, appraise and develop people, how we make decisions, how we give and receive feedback safely, and how we resolve poor behaviour, discrimination and bullying.

The first step has been to listen. We have so far run a confidential survey and held a series of interactive workshops.

We would now like to encourage you to join the Your Voice Colleague Panel.

This is an exciting opportunity to continue being involved in improving and changing our culture.

This short video explains more about what it’s about. It will be a community of colleagues who will be empowered to oversee, support and challenge not just the “At Our Best” work, but also the wider day-to-day issues that impact HDFT and HIF.

It will be a diverse and inclusive forum, with the remit to shape and sign off on the direction of travel. There will also be some exciting opportunities for colleagues to help innovate.

We want as many colleagues as possible to engage in a conversation to help #teamHDFT be At Our Best and your input is key.

We want at least 100 colleagues to sign up, representing our entire workforce. Would you like to be involved? Or if there’s someone you think could or should get involved, then please give them a nudge!

The time commitment is not too onerous, but there are some important discussions coming up that we would really like your input on For example:

  • How the trust will invest in staff health and wellbeing?
  • What functionality should a new smart phone app for colleagues have?
  • What obstacles and barriers could we remove to help teamHDFT be At Our Best?
  • How can we make our recruitment processes more inclusive?

Being part of Your Voice is a fantastic opportunity to shape the organisation and steer our direction of travel.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected]