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Harrogate and District NHS Trust


About Governors

The Council of Governors is responsible for representing the views and interests of the Foundation Trust Members and the general public.  They have an important role in acting as the eyes and ears of the membership with regards to the quality of service the Trust provides.

The Council of Governors does not undertake the operational management of the Trust; rather they provide a vital link to the wider community, challenge the Board of Directors and collectively hold them to account for the performance of the Trust.

Governors are responsible for regularly feeding back information about the Trust, its vision and its performance to the constituencies and stakeholder organisations that either elected or nominated them.

In summary, successful Governorship is essential to a successful Foundation Trust.

Governors are elected by staff (Staff Governors) and the membership (Public Governors), or nominated by partner organisations like North Yorkshire County Council (Stakeholder Governors). The Council of Governors consists of 17 elected and 6 nominated Governors.

Governors usually serve a term of three years and subject to re-election, may serve a maximum of nine years in total, or three terms of office. This process ensures consistency within the Governor group and provides an opportunity to introduce fresh faces, skills and experience on an ongoing basis.

For more information, including the statutory responsibilities of the Council of Governors, click here to access the Trust's Constitution.