Binish Mehar

Binish Mehar

Binish is a dedicated and experienced doctor who has a passion for patient care and an in depth understanding of the healthcare landscape.

Having seen first-hand the benefits of patient-centred care, Binish is an advocate for policies to improve health outcomes that prioritise patient well-being whilst respecting their choices. She champions continuous learning and mentoring opportunities to support all healthcare professionals and empowering them to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

In line with the NHS’s drive to integrate digital transformation, Binish supports the need to digitally optimise and streamline healthcare delivery processes.  However, she also recognises that communication and collaboration are vital to the success of TeamHDFT and working towards shared goals.

She is committed to bringing a doctor’s perspective to the strategic direction of the Trust with the aim of creating a stronger focus on clinical excellence.

If you would like to contact Binish on a matter related to their role as a Governor, please email [email protected]. Thank you.