Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy has been created to show how we will use technology and digital innovation to develop the healthcare service we provide and improve the health and wellbeing of our patients, children and communities.

The National Health Service and our own Trust have changed significantly since we published our last Digital Strategy in 2019.

Our health service has become much more collaborative, with organisations working more closely together to improve the health and wellbeing of the people living in our communities. There has also been a focus on reducing inequalities to ensure everybody can access the best possible healthcare.

We have experienced significant change within Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT) over this time. For instance, there has been significant growth in our children and young people’s public health services, where our reputation for quality has enabled us to become the largest provider of 0–19 services in England – with the service stretching from Berwick upon Tweed in the north to Wakefield in the south, and across the whole of North Yorkshire, from Settle in the west to Scarborough in the east.

Whilst there is a lot to celebrate, we have also faced some extraordinary challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic was unlike anything we have experienced in living memory and put immense pressure on the National Health Service. Its aftermath will continue to impact us in the weeks, months and years ahead as we recover from its effects.

Our new Digital Strategy recognises the changes and pressures we have faced over the last few years, and sets the future direction of our Trust to further improve on the high quality health and care service we provide. Our key digital transformation project over the next few years will be the implementation of our new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, which brings enormous opportunities for the future delivery of patient care.

Our Digital Strategy enables our ambitions and aspirations and during its creation, we engaged with our colleagues in the Trust and key stakeholders, to ensure that we develop the digital capability that will increase colleagues work satisfaction, improving both the quality and efficiency of their work.

We are committed to providing the best and safest possible healthcare and we can only do this with the help of our wonderful colleagues. As such, it is important that the Digital Strategy empowers, excites and mobilises everyone in the Trust behind a common purpose and supports our Trust values of Kindness, Integrity, Teamwork and Equality.

By aligning our efforts, our Digital Strategy will enable us to work together to achieve our ambitions and fulfil our purpose – to put the patient and child first and improve the health and wellbeing of our patients, children and communities.

Our Digital Strategy has the flexibility to adapt over time so that it continues to focus on what is important to the people we serve and to colleagues throughout our organisation. We look forward to continuing to develop digital as a key enabler to provide outstanding healthcare at HDFT.

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