Annual Leave Calculator

The Trust has made the decision to move away from Rosterpro and to introduce new systems for the rostering and time and attendance management for staff groups. All colleagues will move to one of two new systems depending on the type of working pattern they have (Allocate or Manager Self-Service).

For this reason our annual leave year needs to be aligned to a April-March period. This will be for all colleagues across the Trust. The E-Rostering Implementation Team have presented this update to all Directorate Boards.

To ensure a smooth transition of aligning employees’ current annual leave to the new annual leave year, some adjustments will be necessary. Your line manager will meet with you over the next few weeks with a letter detailing how the transition will take place together with your personalised calculations. Although dates will change, all colleagues’ amount of annual leave entitlement will not be affected and no one will lose annual leave in their current leave year as a result of this.

The tools below should be useful to all employees:

Term Time Working Calculator

Annual Leave Calculator – Agenda for Change