teamHDFT Staff App

We have launched a new mobile app for colleagues across HDFT to bring together useful information and resources at your fingertips, wherever you are from your mobile phone.

The teamHDFT app is available to download free to your smartphone and includes quick links to our latest news, ESR, e-Roster, email, wellbeing support, our networks and much more.

The app is still very much evolving so please do tell what you think and what else you’d like to see included. It’s provided to us for free and you’ll also find some great staff discounts and offers.

We’ll also be able to keep in touch using urgent notifications on any important news or urgent messages that might affect your day to day work.

You can feedback direct from the app once you’ve downloaded it or please do email [email protected]

How do I download the app?


Download here or search for teamHDFT on the Play Store.


For iOS – if you do not have the Apple iTunes Store please download this first on your phone by visiting the app store and searching iTunes Store. Once you have downloaded the iTunes Store, please follow the steps below.

Please scan the following QR code with your QR reader or camera from your phone and then when this page loads up on your phone, click on the link to download below.

When you click the Download here link below, you will be asked to redeem a code which enables your device to install the app. Click ‘Redeem’ in the top right corner of the screen, then if you are prompted, enter your login details for the Appstore. This will then download the app to your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for Trust mobile phones?
No, the app can be download onto your personal smartphone.

How do I access this on my Trust mobile device?
All Trust mobile devices have had the app downloaded by IT. You will need to open the app to enable it. With an iPhone this will require you to redeem the code which is automatically displayed.

Can I access the app on my iPad?
You can indeed. Older iPads are automatically recognised as mobile devices but some of the newer ones are mini-computers and this requires some minor changes to the download.

  • Access the download page on your iPad browser from
  • Click the AA button – in the far left of the address bar
  • Request mobile version – from the dropdown menu that appears
  • Follow the instructions under the IOS, scroll to the Download here
  • Click the download here button
  • It will open iTunes
  • If you have Face ID, it will scan your face and proceed. If its touch ID use your finger print or it may ask for your iTunes password.
  • It will then say code redeemed, then go to your iPad home screen and it should be there.

Who is the teamHDFT app for?
The team HDFT app has been produced and designed to offer current and future employees relevant information related to your work.

What does the app give me?
Access, via your smartphone, to many different sources of information, from policies and procedures, following us on Twitter or Facebook, links to email, ESR, Allocate and other sources relevant to your work life, as well as many special offers available to us.

Can I make a request or notify something that needs changing?
Sure thing! This is our app. Let’s make it work for us. You can send a suggestion or request through the feedback form on the app or email us directly at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

If you have any queries or need help, please email [email protected]