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Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

The Special Care Baby Unit looks after babies that are born from 32 weeks gestation to term.

Due to the impact of planning for Coronavirus, visiting times have changed. Click here for the latest news.

Babies born below 32 weeks gestation and those requiring more specialised intensive care are transferred to larger regional units by EMBRACE, a dedicated transfer team.

We have seven special care cots, providing short and medium term care for sick and preterm infants and one intensive care cot. The unit is well serviced with specialised equipment and expertise to provide care for babies who require specialised nursing. We have two parent bedrooms with kitchen and bathroom facilities.

There is also a dedicated breastfeeding room. Breast pumps are available for use on the Unit and may be able to be borrowed for use in the home while the baby remains on the Unit.

We offer flexible visiting hours for parents/carers and siblings. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles can visit between 12pm-7pm. To minimise cross infection, no other visitors are allowed. We only allow two visitors per baby at any one time.

We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you visit our wards, and all our staff aim to adhere to our values of Passionate, Respectful, and Responsible. Find out more information about our vision and values.

Key staff

Matron: Julie Walker
Lead Clinician: Dr Sobia Bilal
Ward Manager: Victoria Lister
Unit Sisters: Sally Baxter, Amy Howard, Tracy Lockwood, Lisa Nesbitt

Maternity, and Postnatal.
Visiting Times
Flexible for parents and siblings; 12pm-7pm for grandparents, aunts and uncle.
Ward Manager
Victoria Lister
First Floor, Strayside Wing, Harrogate District Hospital
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