Nidderdale primary school pupils complete 24-hour sponsored skip to raise money for their local NHS

Posted on: Wednesday 16 Dec 2020

The 18 members of Class Three at Glasshouses Community Primary School in Nidderdale have completed a collective total of 24 hours of skipping, raising over £400 for Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity (HHCC).

The Year 5 and 6 pupils completed the skip during one afternoon at school; each student (and their teacher Mr Caswell) skipped non-stop for around one and a half hours on the playground, bringing them to an overall total of 24 hours skipping.

The idea came from the class Sports Leaders – Chloe and Daisy – who wanted the proceeds to go towards HHCC, which supports Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

Chloe said: “We chose to raise money for the NHS because we wanted to give back to them after all the hard work they have done keep our families safe this year.

Daisy said: “We loved the skipping challenge. We came together as a class including Mr Caswell and carried on even when we were tired. We feel very proud of our achievement.”

Sammy Lambert, Business Development, Charity and Volunteer Manager at HHCC, said: “This is a tremendous effort from the pupils at Glasshouses Community School and they should be very proud of themselves for completing the challenge they set themselves.

“Together, they raised a fantastic amount for HHCC and we cannot thank them enough for it; it will go towards improving the experience of our patients and their families who need care from teams across the Trust.

“From fundraising like this, we are able to support the refurbishments of wards such as the Woodlands children’s ward at Harrogate District Hospital.”

This awesome skipping challenge was incorporated into HHCC’s ‘Virtual Run Challenge’ which aimed to encourage the local community to get active and raise money for the local NHS throughout 2020. All of the children in Class Three received a ‘Virtual Run Challenge’ medal from the charity for their achievement in finishing the sponsored skip.

You can see them completing it here: