Public encouraged to return their crutches and walking sticks as part of Harrogate District Hospital Amnesty

Posted on: Tuesday 14 Dec 2021

Staff at Harrogate District Hospital are asking the public to return any crutches and walking sticks they no longer use as part of an amnesty.

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust has spent £14,000 on purchasing new crutches this year and have issued around 2,000 pairs to patients. Typically, only 50% are returned, costing the Trust a significant amount of money and leading to shortages which can effect treatment for new patients.

Karen Alford, Therapy Team Lead said “Our orders of crutches have been getting less reliable over the past few months and we are now at a point where delivery dates keep being rescheduled and moved further back.

“This has created a significant problem with our supply of crutches and is happening across the country with lots of other equipment.

“We would ask our former patients who have now recovered to return their crutches and walking sticks so that we can help other people. You may have forgotten you have them and they may be hiding in cupboards or behind sofas, so we would ask you to take a look and return any you find as soon as possible.”

Spare crutches and sticks can be handed over to Therapy Services reception at Harrogate District Hospital or placed in the crutch return box by the Therapy Service’s waiting area.

All crutches and walking sticks are thoroughly cleaned before they are used by other patients.

For more information on the amnesty please contact Therapy Services on 01423 553472

Pictured left to right (Karen Alford – Team Lead, Jodie Coughlin – Rehabilitation Assistant, Jill Callaby – Rehabilitation Assistant, and Christine Brown – Rehabilitation Assistant)