About your stay and discharge

When you arrive, you will meet the healthcare professionals who will be looking after you. They will be able to answer any queries that you may have.

It’s really important that you get the right care, and so staff need to be able to identify you. Therefore, we will provide you with a hospital wristband and ask that you wear it at all times. Please inform a member of staff if it becomes loose or gets damaged.

Discharge and rehabilitation

Nobody wants to spend longer than necessary in hospital. Our doctors and nurses will discuss an expected date of discharge with you in advance so that you can make the necessary arrangements for going home. They will ensure that you have everything you need, you understand the procedure of discharge fully and are aware of any follow-up appointments that may be necessary.

We have a dedicated Supported Discharge Service which provides treatment and rehabilitation to patients in their own home and other care settings in Harrogate and the local community. The Team aims to facilitate effective and safe early discharges from hospital and ensures that people are as safe and independent as possible in their own homes.

This service runs seven days a week and allows you to be discharged home when medically fit but still requiring support. If you meet the SDS criteria and the ward staff determine that you are well enough to go home, they will refer you to the SDS team. A qualified member of the SDS team will then conduct an assessment to establish a discharge plan that includes any support you may need.

Inpatient catering

When you’re in hospital, it’s really important that you eat well in order to aid your recovery process. At Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, we’re committed to providing you with a nutritionally balanced and extensive menu, using sustainable and fresh produce, to ensure your stay in hospital is as comfortable as possible.

Our commitment to providing fresh, ethical, sustainable food that meets nutritional guidelines has been recognised by the Soil Association, who have awarded us the Food for Life Bronze Catering Mark.

Our Catering Service works closely with dietitians to ensure that you get nutritious food that meets your dietary and medical needs. In addition to this, we can accommodate religious needs when preparing our menus.

We’ve created an extensive weekly menu which allows patients to choose their meals according to preference and dietary requirement. We always aim to provide food that will aid in your recovery process.

We prepare our meals on-site and serve them as soon as possible to ensure that they are as hot and delicious when they reach you as they were when they left the kitchen!


We offer three meals a day plus a snack in the evening.

Breakfast items are available on the wards, and you can choose from porridge, cereals and white or wholemeal bread with a selection of preserves.

Lunch gives patients the choice between a jacket potato, sandwiches, salad or a hot main course. This is followed by a dessert, cheese and biscuits or fresh fruit, and is accompanied by fruit juice.

Dinner is a choice of soup or fruit juice and then a lighter option of a jacket potato, sandwich or a salad, followed by a dessert, fresh fruit or yoghurt.

Patients will be provided with a daily menu card, allowing them to choose their meal and select a portion size depending on appetite. We mark our menus with symbols to indicate vegetarian options (V), lower fat options (♥), and options suitable for those on a ‘soft diet’.

We also have a large print menu available on each ward. If this would be helpful, please ask the ward staff.

In addition to the basic menu, we provide menus to meet specific needs. These can be requested from the ward staff and include:

  • Children’s menu: a specific children’s menu is available for the evening meal
  • Halal/Kosher menu
  • Vegan menu
  • Texture modified menu – this is provided in two stages of consistency to suit the needs of patients who have difficulty swallowing food or drink
  • Gluten free options

Meal times vary between wards, but typical times are:

Breakfast Lunch Evening Meal
7.30-8.15am 11.50am-12.30pm 5.45-6.15pm


Please note that all our sites, hospitals and other premises are smoke free. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on Trust premises by patients, visitors or staff. If you would like help and advice on quitting smoking visit our Swap & Stop Smoking Services webpage


When you’re coming to stay in hospital, we always recommend that you bring some books, games, magazines or music. We’ve recently launched a new free public WiFi service. We recommend that you bring your own devices to hospital to access this. It is available across our Harrogate District Hospital and Ripon Community Hospital sites.

WiFi, TV and radio

The free public WiFi service at Harrogate District Hospital allows patients to access the internet for free during their stay. Patients can search for ‘NHS_PUBLIC_Wi-Fi’ on their device and sign up, giving them access to browse the internet, watch TV live and on-demand and listen to the radio. Patients can listen to Harrogate Hospital Radio online by clicking here or via the app.

Books, magazines, and newspapers

Books, newspapers, and magazines are  available for sale in WHSmith in the main entrance of Harrogate District Hospital.

Harrogate District Hospital facilities


Our beautiful Chapel is located at Harrogate District Hospital and is open for prayer and quiet reflection at all times. There is the facility to light a candle in the Chapel and/or leave a prayer on the Prayer Tree, which is located just outside the Chapel.

Friends’ garden

The Friends’ Garden is a peaceful space for patients and visitors to relax, revitalise, and get some fresh air. The Garden is maintained by volunteers and offers an accessible entrance with a wheelchair ramp.

Cash machine

A cash machine is located at the main entrance of Harrogate District Hospital. This charges 95p per transaction.

Shops and cafes

Harrogate District Hospital has a number of shops and cafes on-site.

Transfer to the Discharge Lounge

Each day suitable patients may be transferred to the discharge lounge as a normal part of the discharge process. The Nurse in charge of the Discharge Lounge is then responsible for the final stages of your discharge from hospital and will be taking steps to ensure that your discharge is completed safely, as soon as reasonably possible, and that it is a good experience for you.


By this stage your Doctor will have written your discharge letter, and Pharmacy will be in the process of dispensing your medications or completing a final check of your discharge letter.

Immediately prior to discharge a trained nurse will ensure that you receive your medication and that you understand how to take it. You will also be given a copy of your discharge letter for you to keep. If you need a follow up appointment it will be arranged by the Nurse in charge and either given to you before you leave or a letter will be sent to you in the post.

Telephone: 01423 553008

Ripon Community Hospital facilities

Craft sessions

Craft sessions are held for patients on Monday afternoons.

Pets as Therapy

We operate a Pets as Therapy scheme to help combat loneliness and improve your experience in hospital. As part of the scheme, a dog visits Ripon Community Hospital every Wednesday.

Shops and cafes

Our kitchens offer scones, hot drinks and sandwiches, with hot meals available upon request. There are also plenty of shops and cafes very close to the Hospital.


If your friends or family are coming to visit, please encourage them to check the visiting times of our wards to avoid a wasted journey. We also request that you advise your friend or relative not to visit if they have had diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 48 hours.  Anyone who has been unwell within this timeframe should avoid visiting to minimise the risk of infection.


At times, we have trainee and student healthcare professionals working within our teams. This includes medical students, physiotherapy students, and student midwives. The opportunity to work in a hospital is a vital part of their training and development, and all students will be supervised by a more experienced and fully qualified member of staff.

If you feel uncomfortable being treated by a student or would prefer to be seen by a qualified healthcare professional, please let us know and we will accommodate your request.

Patient Experience

Once home, you may want to provide feedback about your time with us. The Patient Experience Team is on hand to listen to your feedback and help you with any concerns you might have over your care.

The Team can be contacted on:
Phone – 01423 555499
E-mail – [email protected]