Before your appointment

When we arrange an appointment for you, you’ll receive a letter with all the details of the appointment.

The appointment letter may also contain specific instructions on what to bring, so please do read it carefully.

Rearranging your appointment

Please read your letter carefully and inform us as soon as possible if you’re unable to attend your appointment.

If you fail to show up for your appointment or if you cancel your appointment more than once without giving prior notice, you may be referred back to your GP and will have to wait longer for a hospital appointment.

If you have diarrhoea or sickness within 48 hours of your appointment, please do not come into hospital. Please ring the Appointment Centre on 01423 553373 to rearrange.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements such as hearing, sight or dietary needs, please let us know as soon as possible by calling the number on your appointment letter.

We are able to provide interpreters for spoken language interpretation, either in person or over the telephone, for people whose first language is not English. We can also provide sign language interpreters and deafblind communicator guides if required.

If you require assistance with walking, dressing, getting onto an examination couch, or have other needs please contact the Outpatient Department on (01423) 553486.

What to bring

  • Any letters relating to your appointment
  • Medication and inhalers that you’re currently using
  • Aids such as spectacles or hearing aids
  • A list of questions or concerns that you may want to discuss with the medical team

For some appointments, you may be asked to bring in a urine sample. Your letter should indicate whether or not you need to do this.

  • Urine specimens if requested
  • Your Income Support or Family Credit Book if you are eligible to claim free travelling expenses