Quality Improvement Campaigns

QI Campaigns

As part of our Quality Improvement At our Best, these campaigns are targeted projects which aim to secure behaviour change and quality improvement.

Our current Campaign is:

Smoking Cessation

Working in partnership with Livingwell Smokefree at North Yorkshire County Council, we are enabling patients and colleagues to be as healthy as possible by stopping smoking. This campaign will target three areas:

1) Training colleagues to deliver Very Brief Advice

VBA & Pathway training is a presentation style learning on how to deliver very brief advice (VBA) to smokers. The training incorporates the 3 A’S of VBA… Ask, Advise and Act.

The main outcomes of the training include:

  • Raise awareness of the health risks of smoking and the benefits of stopping smoking
  • Increase understanding as to why quitting can be difficult and give knowledge of the treatment options available to patients
  • Increase confidence when giving VBA around stopping smoking, including how to answerheartsink statements.
  • Understand the referral pathway process into Living Well Smoke

On attending, you will receive a certificate to show you have completed the training and this can contribute to 1 hour of time spent in active learning. Training is available to all colleagues at Harrogate and District Foundation Trust, you will become a Smoking Cessation Champion with a badge, lanyard and access to ‘quit kits’.

Training takes place on MS Teams and here are October’s dates:

  • Tuesday 4 October @ 1pm-2pm
  • Monday 10 October @ 10am-11am
  • Tuesday 11 October @ 3pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 19 October @ 9am-10am
  • Thursday 20 October @ 12pm-1pm
  • Friday 21 October @ 8am-9am
  • Monday 24 October @ 2pm-3pm
  • Thursday 27 October @ 1:30pm-2:30pm

To sign up, email [email protected] – don’t forget to let your line manager know.

2) Increase visibility of stop smoking resources

Interested in quitting smoking? Contact LivingWell Smokefree for local support:

Website: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/stopping-smoking

Phone: 01609 797 7272

Email: [email protected]

HDFT is taking part in this year’s Stoptober campaign and will be sharing resources to help you or someone you know start their quitting journey this October! If you’re looking to stop smoking this Stoptober, there are so many resources and tools out there to help you – remember, you’re not alone and you’re 3 times more likely to succeed in your quit attempt with support. For more information about Stoptober, visit the NHS website.

Download the NHS Quit smoking app

Create your personal Quit Plan

Create your personal Mind Plan – you can also access free HDFT mental wellbeing support here

Join the Smokefree quit smoking Facebook group

Sign up for daily email support

Find your local stop smoking service

How vaping can help you quit

Read up on different stop smoking aids

How you can help others quit

Share this information and these resources with your friends, family, colleagues – anyone who you know is trying to quit smoking. If you work closely with colleagues or patients who smoke, you can access free Very Brief Advice training as above and help start those quitting conversations.

We’d love you to join us in taking part with Stoptober and promote the campaign if you can, we have access to posters, videos, email signatures and more – contact [email protected] if you would like some resources to uses in your areas and with your teams.

3) Updating the Trust’s SmokeFree Policy

We’re working closely with colleagues across HDFT and Yorkshire & Humber to update our Smokefree policy. If you have any comments or ideas then please reach out and let us know your thoughts.

Past campaigns:

Hammer Down Haemolysis

  • In August 2017, the Trust launched a Quality Improvement Campaign to ‘Hammer down Haemolysis’. This campaign aimed to improve patient care and hospital experience by reducing the number of haemolysed blood samples by 50%, the campaign achieved a reduction of 79%. Hammer down Haemolysis also raised awareness of the discomfort and delays experienced by patents, the impact on departments processing samples and the financial cost of repeat testing.
  • To find out more about this campaign including what we did and what happens next, please click here. You can also access the ‘Hammer down Haemolysis’ campaign poster here should you wish to use this in your area.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for a future campaign, please get in touch with the Improvement Transformation Team on 01423 55 3475 or email [email protected]

Furthermore, if you feel that your team would benefit from joining in with any of our upcoming or live quality improvement campaigns, just get in touch using the contact details above.

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