Parent Education video classes

Welcome to our series of Parent Education videos, enabling you to explore the content of the three face-to-face classes offered at the Trust. I hope you find them empowering and help to increase your confidence in preparing for birth.

In the comfort of your own home, you may choose to watch them all (approximately three hours in total) or just the subjects of interest to you, with your birth partner too. Should you require any additional support or wish to ask any questions you may contact me at [email protected].

Videos on ‘choosing and preparing for home birth’ and ‘meeting baby and the early days’ will follow shortly.

I really hope that you enjoy them and find them of use.

Rachel Robson
Parent Education Midwife

Hello and an introduction

Advice for concerns in pregnancy, including reduced fetal movements

Cervical changes and having a show

The ‘piece of string’ explored

What should I do if I feel my waters have broken?

We are designed to birth – how to keep active

The importance of a birthing environment

Piece of string to active labour – how to keep comfortable (first stage)

Building a nest

Keeping relaxed during birth

Using the birthing pool

Using Entonox and Diamorphine

Using epidural in labour

Transition and birthing your baby (second stage)

Delayed cord clamping, delivery of the placenta, and the first few hours after birth (third stage)

When nature needs a hand and induction of labour

Assisted birth

Caesarean Section

Birth preferences and role of the birth partner

An Introduction – meeting Baby and the early days

Helping your baby to feel safe and secure in their new world

Responsive parenting and it’s effect on your baby’s brain development

Why babies cry

An introduction to feeding your baby and nappy changing

Bathing your baby and skin care

Safe sleeping and reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

How to bed share safely

Postnatal wellbeing for mum, baby and the family

Pelvic floor care in pregnancy and post birth

Mental health awareness and care post-birth

Preparing for parenthood

Hope you have found these films helpful, wishing you all the best