Gynaecology is the branch of medicine that deals with the female reproductive system. Our Gynaecology Service treats women in Harrogate and the surrounding area in outpatient, daycase and inpatient settings.

The Gynaecology Service is provided by seven consultants, who are supported by a team of medical staff and specialist nurses. We perform outpatient procedures in our dedicated Women’s Unit and offer gynaecology outpatient clinics in the main Outpatient Department. We perform a test of bladder function (urodynamics) in the Outpatient Department. Inpatient services are usually provided by Nidderdale Ward.

In addition to our work at Harrogate District Hospital, we also provide services in the local community. Outreach clinics are held at Ripon Community Hospital, Wetherby Health Centre, Yeadon Health Centre and Alwoodley Medical Centre.

The Women’s Unit

We have dedicated facilities available in the Women’s Unit. Here, doctors and nurse colposcopists/hysteroscopists provide:

  • Direct access colposcopy and treatment for abnormal smears;
  • Fast-track clinic for postmenopausal bleeding, with a scan and hysteroscopy if required;
  • Diagnostic outpatient hysteroscopy;
  • Operative outpatient hysteroscopy including removal of polyps and fibroids, and retrieval of intrauterine devices;
  • Minor gynaecological surgical procedures;
  • Vulval clinic;
  • Pessary clinic for those with vaginal pessaries for prolapse;
  • Recurrent miscarriage clinic;
  • Manual vacuum aspiration for management of miscarriage;
  • Outpatient endometrial ablation – service currently under development

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

Our EPAU is based on Nidderdale Ward and runs for six days a week (excluding Saturdays).

Women with problems in early pregnancy (between six and up to 13 weeks gestation) are treated on the EPAU. Patients need to be referred to the EPAU via a healthcare professional, except for in certain circumstances, such as previous ectopic or molar pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage.

Gynaecology procedures

The gynaecologists provide vaginal, keyhole (laparoscopic and hysteroscopic) and open surgery for a range of gynaecological problems, including period problems, urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Before surgery, patients are assessed in our Pre-Operative Assessment & Admissions Unit.

Dr David Scullion, Consultant Radiologist, provides a uterine fibroid embolisation service.

Gynaecological Cancer Service

The Gynaecological Cancer (oncology) Service is a therapeutic service in close collaboration with the Leeds Cancer Centre at St James’s University Hospital.

Appropriate cases are managed in Harrogate, with outpatients seen in the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre by the visiting gynaecological oncologist from Leeds, Mr George Theophilou, and the Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist, Marion Webb.


Women wishing to be treated in Harrogate should be referred by their GP.

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