Jackie Lincoln

Jackie Lincoln

Jackie and her family have lived in the Knaresborough and East District constituency for over 30 years.  During her career as a senior leader in children’s services for local and national government, she has worked to address education, social care and health inequalities for children and young people and seeks to keep this issues on the Trust’s agenda.

She truly values collaboration and consultation with families, seeing this as an essential pathway for the Trust’s planning and development of effective future services, especially in the areas of early years, special needs and disability.

With in-depth experience of analysing performance and financial information, Jackie is well-placed to contribute to senior level discussions at meetings of Children’s Trust and local safeguarding boards.

Jackie is a regular observer at the Trust’s Quality and Innovation Committees, both sub-committees of the Board.

If you would like to contact Jackie on a matter related to their role as a Governor, please email [email protected]. Thank you.