Coronavirus/Covid-19 key information for patients and visitors

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Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere is a web-based platform that helps us offer video call access to services.

Please watch these short videos to give you an idea of how your video consultation will work.

Prior to your appointment please click on your clinic below where you can test your equipment by undertaking a test call.

Clicking on the link below will guide you into the waiting room. You will not enter the waiting room until you have completed some checks.

When you are ready to start your video consultation click ‘start video call’. You will be asked to undertake your checks again.

Ensure you complete all details including your date of birth and a number we can call you back on if there are any difficulties. Don’t forget to tick the small box at the bottom of the registration screen.

We will not store the details you submit and any details will be transferred securely.

Please only click on the links if you have been invited to an appointment by your clinician.

You won’t use any internet data while waiting for a clinician to join you. A video call uses a similar amount of data to Skype or FaceTime. If you are using WiFi, the video call is free (except for your internet usage).

We would love to hear your feedback about your video consultation, please click here to access the survey.

Attend Anywhere Privacy Notice.

Active Against Cancer – Virtual Clinic

Acute Oncology Team

Audiology Clinic 1  

Audiology Clinic 2

Audiology Clinic 3

Audiology Clinic 4  

Audiology Clinic 5  

Audiology Clinic 6

Audiology Paediatric  

Bowel Cancer Screening

Cancer Psychology

Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse Clinic

Cardiology – Pacing Clinic

Cardiology Specialist Nurse-Led Clinic

Cardiorespiratory Physio

CDC Physiotherapy Clinic

Children’s Occupational Therapy Team

Children’s Specialist Feeding Clinic

Community Dental Adult (over 16 years)

Community Dental Child (under 16 years)

Community Heart Failure – Specialist Nurse Clinic

Community Stroke & Neurology

Continence Service

County Durham Infant Feeding

Critical Care Follow Up Clinic

Dermatology – Acne Clinic

Dermatology – Dr Das’s Monday Morning Clinic

Dermatology – Dr Das’s Tuesday Afternoon Clinic

Dermatology – Dr Das’s Thursday Morning Clinic

Dermatology – Professor Layton’s Research

Dermatology RMS adhoc

DPL Foot and Ankle – Dr Lavalette

DPL Fracture – Dr Lavalette

DPL Paediatric – Dr Lavalette

Dr Buccoliero’s Neurology clinic

Dr Davey Neurology Clinic

Dr Than Renal clinic

Easy Book Speech and language therapy clinic

Emergency Department Waiting Area

Endocrinology clinic

Gastroenterology Review Clinic (Dr Vani)

Gateshead Emotional Wellbeing virtual clinic

Gateshead Health Visiting virtual clinic

Gateshead Infant feeding virtual clinic

Gateshead School Nurse virtual clinic

Gender Endocrinology Clinic

Glaucoma Clinic 

Glaucoma Post Op Clinic 

Glaucoma Screening Clinic 

GP Out of Hours

Growing Healthy 0-19 SEND

Growing Healthy Darlington 0-19

Growing Healthy County Durham 0-19 Durham & Chester Le Street

Growing Healthy Durham South

Growing Healthy County Durham 0-19 Easington & Peterlee

Growing Healthy County Durham 0-19 Stanley & Consett

Growing Healthy County Durham – Youth Justice Nurse

Growing Healthy 0-19 Emotional Resilience Nurses

Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinic

Haematology Consultant Clinic 

HamRich Children’s Specialist Feeding Clinic

HamRich Children’s Stammering Clinic

HamRich Occupational Therapy Clinic

HamRich Preschool SALT Support Clinic

HamRich School SALT Support Clinic

Harrogate Autism Assessment Clinic

Harrogate Children’s Speech & Language Therapy

Harrogate Harlow

HDFT Research

JHTWWTEL – Mr. Jon Harrison’s clinic

Lipid Clinic – Dr Maguire

Living with Pain and CFS

Long Covid Therapies

Macmillan Women’s Health Nurse Specialist Clinic

Maxillo Facial (open access clinic)

Middlesbrough 0-19 Virtual Clinic

N.Yorks emotional wellbeing virtual clinic

N.Yorks infant feeding (HDFT Health Visitor)

Neurology MND clinic

North Yorkshire Health Visiting Virtual Clinic

North Yorkshire Youth Communication Team

Nurse Led Serious, Non-Specific Symptoms Clinic

Nutrition and Dietetics

Occupational Health Physician (Harrogate)

Oncology – Breast

Oncology – GI

Oncology – Gynaecology

Oncology Clinic – Lung

Oncology Clinic – Urology

Orthoptic Clinic

Orthotics Clinic (Appliances)

Paediatric Diabetes

Paediatric Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Paediatric Nurse Led Epilepsy Clinic

Palliative Care Team

Pharmacy Led Hypertension Clinic

Podiatry Biomechanics

Pre Admissions & Assessment Clinic

Pregnancy and Birth Revisited

Pre-School Communication Support

Physiotherapy (musculoskeletal)

Physiotherapy (Women’s & Men’s Health)

Rehabilitation Medicine clinic

Respiratory Consultant Clinic

Respiratory Nurse Clinic

Rheumatology Physiotherapy

SACT Home Delivery Clinic

SACT Pre Assessment & Information Clinic

SPB Stroke/TIA Clinic

Specialist Audiology Clinic

Specialist Children’s Service – Autism (Ham/Rich)

Specialist Infant Feeding Clinic (HDFT Maternity)

Special School Communication Support

Special School Nurse Clinic

Speech & Language Therapy – Adult Voice

Speech & Language Therapy-Learning Disability Team

Speech Therapy – Community Adult Rehabilitation

Sunderland 0-5 drop in clinic

Sunderland Infant Feeding

Sunderland School Nurse Drop In

Test Waiting Area (for staff use only)

Therapy – Neurotherapy Outpatients

Tuberculosis (TB) Nursing Service

Wellbeing Wednesday Virtual Clinic

Youth Practitioner