HDFT & HIF Colleague Recognition Award Winners 2021

We are delighted to finally be able to announce the winners and runners up of the HDFT & HIF Colleague Recognition Awards 2021!

After more than 350 nominations and a very rigorous judging process, these winners truly deserve recognition for their outstanding work over the past year and the difference they have made to their colleagues, patients and the Trust as a whole.

Chairman Angela Schofield and Chief Executive Steve Russell spent an exciting day visiting individual colleagues and teams to surprise them with their awards and share some of the wonderful words fellow colleagues and members of the public had written as their nomination. A huge congratulations to every one of them. It’s been really clear how much these awards have meant to our colleagues.

Without further ado, please find below the very deserving winners and runners up of 12 of the awards (the remaining five will be announced in due course when we’re able to see colleagues in person).

The Children’s and County-wide Community Care Directorate Colleague of the Year: Alison Galvin

“I was at complete breaking point with my baby girl who’s had an endless string of problems since birth. Then Polly was referred to the Speech and Language team, Alison reminded me that I had done nothing wrong and I was doing the absolute best I could for my baby girl. They reminded me that it was extremely difficult becoming a mother let alone a mother to a baby who’s not “normal” in the mists of a global pandemic.

“Alison spent hours supporting me, watching Polly and offering advice and support. Alison restored my confidence and empowered me to stay positive and told me that things would get better. She encouraged me to send videos and messages good and bad to show her what kind of a day/week we had and how Polly had done with her milk and bottle aversion. A great relief to a mother who was/is desperate to know someone cares!

“I will be eternally grateful for the support I have received from Alison!”

Second place runner up: Juliette Harris

Third place runner up: Maggie Wood

Long Term and Unscheduled Care Directorate Colleague of the Year: Mala Suri

“Where do I begin to tell you how brilliant Mala has been over the last year? Mala is our ITU & surgical specialist dietitian. This year has been such a challenge with the impact of the Covid pandemic. Mala has been instrumental in making sure that all the patients who were ventilated on ITU and other wards had the most appropriate nutrition for their condition. Even though she was at higher risk due to her ethnicity she never once waivered for a moment to be the first to support patients and staff, cancelling her annual leave when the department was short staffed due to vacancies and sickness. Mala has been massively resilient over the last year, hugely supportive of less experienced staff by mentoring them to work on ITU and has shown compassionate care to all of her patients be that a ventilated, proned ITU covid patient or a young adult with an extreme eating disorder and mental health problems on the surgical ward.

“Mala embodies all the values of HDFT in everything she does. She is an extremely reliable, resilient, valuable member of the dietetic team and a fabulous dietitian.”

Second place runner up: Mike Forster

Third place runner up: Nikki George-Powell

Planned and Surgical Care Directorate Colleague of the Year: Tanya Morgan

“Tanya as a band 6 managed the Orthopaedic Outpatient department single-handedly from April 2019 to June 2020. This was a very very turbulent time for the department including multiple bereavements, lack of a manager, at times lack of a Matron due also to bereavement, high stress levels for staff with a very busy department and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. From team member’s accounts Tanya led the team supernaturally despite her own difficult personal circumstances, she led them through the multiple trials and managed to keep a viable service running.

“She showed great levels of grit and hardiness throughout this period and has been a credit to the staff and patients. Many patient and staff would have been worse off without her leadership and personal care. Tanya goes above and beyond for the staff in the way she cares for them down to the simple things like bringing gifts in or calling staff out of hours to chat through difficulties. I think she deserves this award without question”

Second place runner up: Dr Sarah Marsh

Third place (joint) runners up: Kathy McClune and Rhys Edwards

Harrogate Integrated Facilities Colleague of the Year: Faisal (Faz) Yousaf

“I would like to nominate Faz (porter) for this award as he is an outstanding member of their team and an absolute credit to them and the trust. He always goes above and beyond especially when no-one is watching which shows it is just part of his nature to be kind and compassionate in everything he does. I often see him helping members of the public to get to their destinations and is always welcoming giving them the time they need to explain where they need to be and why.

“On one particular occasion an elderly, frail lady was lost in the outpatients dept and I observed him without his knowledge take her arm and carry her bag and lead her the remainder of the way whilst chatting to her and reassuring her as they went. He is always friendly and welcoming when you pass him in the corridor and never misses an opportunity to say hello and ask you how your day is going and he just never stops moving and would not hesitate to help you no matter how busy his workload may be. I have never heard him complain or be negative in any way and anyone who meets him is instantly left in a positive mood for their day ahead. Faz is just a beautiful person with a heart of gold.”

Second place runner up: Steve Worwood

Third place runner up: Maddie Bowles

Corporate Directorate Colleague of the Year: Debbie Herridge

“A little over 12 months ago Debbie took over the reins for the Finance Team from a very experienced incumbent and this is the first role for her that has included people management. Debbie has done such a great job leading the Payments team since returning to HDFT just before COVID struck. The team have gone from struggling to pay suppliers due to lack of cash to having to ensure invoices submitted by suppliers are paid within 7 days of receipt as part of payment guidance introduced during COVID. Truly taking responsibility to drive this forward, Debbie has also introduced weekly cash flow updates to the Senior Finance team, including an update on any issues or potential issues and has cleared a lot of outstanding issues with her perseverance and determination. Barely a week goes by that Debbie has not made a real difference and resolved some long-standing issues.

“At the same time as achieving all of this, Debbie has shown great respect for her team and have mobilised the team to work from home and/or move offices where necessary to enable social distancing. To support her own development, she has embraced new ways of working and the leadership development offered within the Trust such as leadership circles. This has helped her to expand her network across the Trust and support those outside of her own team and the wider department. Debbie’s passion for the job has stood out to the wider Finance team as demonstrated by all of the positive feedback received. All the progress Debbie and the team have made has given us a great sense of optimism in a challenging year.”

Second place runner up: Ben Llewellyn

Third place runner up: Richard Atkinson

Clinical Team of the Year: Intensive Care Unit team

“The intensive care dept is one of the few dept in the trust to have received an outstanding commendation by the CQC. This has never been so evident as during the pandemic of 2020/21. This team responded quickly to the imminent changes required, rebuilt new intensive care units around the hospital, trained staff and helped patients get back to their relatives with one of the highest survival rates for covid across the region. They have been under the most enormous pressure in many ways including staffing numbers, skill mix, working in unfamiliar environments and also the moral burden of looking after so many critically ill patients and their families, many of which have sadly not survived. Every day they come back to work with a smile, fill the staffing gaps, care for the patients, speak to worried loved ones, help the wider hospital in terms of advice and clinical skills and most importantly look after each other. The very model of an extraordinary team.”

Second place runner up: Wensleydale Ward

Third place (joint) runners up: MSK Physio and the Emergency Department

Non-Clinical Team of the Year: Capital Planning

“The Capital Planning and Design Team are a highly motivated team whereby they always lead by example and put the benefit of patients, service users and colleagues at the forefront of everything they do. No job is too much trouble and every job is completed to a high quality standard. The team carry out varied tasks, from designing new areas across the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT) site to making wards or departments suitable for both patients and staff. Thanks to their tireless effective team work this has enabled their work to make huge positive differences to staff and patients.

“The Capital Planning and Design Team are not only determined to ensure their work is delivered to a high standard but they are extremely passionate about what they do. They don’t just work effectively together, they also work effectively with other teams. They always show willingness to take on any task which is asked of them and they work from the extremes of major redesign of departments and wards to shifting furniture across HDFT. I am so pleased to nominate this team for the Non-Clinical Team of the Year award. They consistently deliver a high quality and efficient service, with a clear focus on the needs of others, whether this is patients, service users or fellow colleagues.”

Second place runner up: Porters

Third place runner up: Deep Clean Team

Patient Experience Award: Steve Henwood

“Active Against Cancer (AAC) is a ground breaking NHS service, incorporating exercise, health and wellbeing into the standard treatment pathways for all cancer patients. It is the first of it’s kind in the NHS. At it’s core is Steve, our lead physical trainer, who has helped establish the service from concept to providing nearly 400 face-to-face exercise visits per week.

“Steve has been a true inspiration to all of us working within the service but the level of his selfless dedication to our patients shone when COVID-19 struck. This was a devastating time for our highly vulnerable patients and after a year of supporting our patients to reach out, take control, be positive healthy and happy, our patients were told to isolate, retreat and hide away again; a devastating blow. Steve took it upon himself to phone every patient once a week to check in on them. This was hundreds of calls a week, many in his own time. Feedback from the patients clearly showed that this was hugely valued and a life-line for some. There is a reason Steve is affectionately known as Stevie Wonder, and I can’t think of anyone more worthy of the Patient Experience Award.”

Second place runner up: Nicola Kinsell

Third place runner up: Renee Hardy

Equality and Inclusion Award: Lisa McCabe

“I’ve worked on and off with Lisa over the years in her role in child protection, and always found her to be a pleasant and professional person. However, our paths didn’t cross too much.

“That changed in September and October 2020 when we came together – with other colleagues – to work on the internal and external promotion of Black History Month at the Trust. Lisa is Co-chair of the Trust’s BME network hence why she was involved. I was struck by Lisa’s willingness to put herself forward with this piece of work and coordinate the programme, being at the centre of the Trust’s efforts to support a very important month. It felt that it was perhaps Lisa was out of her comfort zone doing so, but at the same time she recognised that she had to do it because it was so important. Especially in an organisation which historically hasn’t considered BME issues in a meaningful way. Lisa was happy to go the extra mile, putting herself out there and bringing colleagues with her. I look forward to continuing to work with her – and others – on a fully embedded, strategic programme going forward.”

Inspirational Colleague Award: Dr Rebecca Leigh

“At a time of uncertainty Dr Leigh brought strength and stability to our team. Firstly on Farndale and then subsequently on Nidderdale. Farndale became the Covid 19 admissions ward in March this year and our small orthopaedic team stayed and managed the ward. Right from the start she embraced and advocated strong team working. During the initial change, without fail, she would call a daily huddle to update staff on changes. She provided support and reassurance to the team and a number of colleagues recall how she made them feel safe during this time. She was easily able to build trust and was consistent in her both her words and actions.

“I must admit this is nothing new! Dr Leigh has a way of always remaining calm and consistent in her approach to both patient care and how she treats her colleagues. I feel however during this time she went that extra mile to check in on colleagues and boost morale. She showed compassion, commitment and above all else courage.

“Dr Leigh truly listens to her colleagues and is able to find some positivity in every situation. She was able to create a ricochet effect of positivity throughout the team at time of great uncertainty. She showed us we could face any challenge and come out even stronger as a team. I’m not sure if I have fully captured what she did for us during this time and indeed continues to do. Simply, she inspires me to be my best and to never lose sight of what is important.”

Second place runner up: Suzanne Ford

Third place runner up: Julie McLaughlin

Service Transformation Award: Johanna Nicholson

“Jo is amazing and a true inspiration! I have only worked with her for the past 6 months but I feel she is a true role model, who instils the Trust’s values in all her work. Jo set up the COVID follow up service for all in-patients within the Trust way back in June. At the time we were one of only a handful of Trusts who were assessing and supporting patients post-COVID in the country. Not only did she start the telephone clinic, she also led a multidisciplinary team to develop a care pathway and resource packs to aid patients in their recovery. The Trust now has a formal MDT (which Jo continues to lead) who now assess, support and care for discharged in-patients, in addition to patients suffering from Post Covid Syndrome in the community.

“I have been fortunate to work along side Jo in my role as an Intensive Care Consultant and be part of the Post Covid Team. I can honestly say, with hand on heart, that I doubt the service would have existed without her passion and leadership skills. Her ability to communicate, collaborate and coordinate the MDT has been a true inspiration. Her enthusiasm and effort has motivated us all. I feel truly fortunate to deliver and be part of something positive and tangible in what has been a difficult year. I also feel that the service has brought optimal healthcare to the people of Harrogate District which we should all proud of. Patients are always thankful for the time we are able to give them in their recovery from COVID, as they have often felt stranded after surviving this terrible illness. Jo has also stepped up admirably when being redeployed to ICU. To coin a phrase, she is one in a million!”

Second place runner up: Active Against Cancer

Third place runner up: Debbie Wiggins and Caroline Clarke

Adaptability Award: Growing Healthy Gateshead screeners: Joanne Smith, Lindsey Wayman, Sandy Payne, Rachel Daley and Jill Todd 

“I know that most people’s roles have changed during Covid 19 and people have been redeployed into roles they are unfamiliar with but feel that the Screeners in Gateshead have had to adapt to the most change. They have been available to offer assistance within HDFT and deployments outside of our organisation, to support with the covid response in the Gateshead community. Never have the team questioned the changes to the role or turned down the opportunity work further afield.

“Since March 2020 their usual role of assisting the 5-19 service with completing heights and weights for children as part of the National Childhood Measurements Programme has been suspended and as a result the Screeners have been given alternative roles.

“Support offered by the team within Gateshead 0-19 service:

  • Making up packs of PPE for staff
  • Keeping foodbank packs for families fully stocked, including the collection of packs from the foodbank
  • Completing patient experience questionnaires
  • Completing of Reception age children’s questionnaires

“They have developed so many skills during the past 10 months and are now experts at telephone communication and building relationships with public health commissioners and partner agencies. They have absolutely loved the ability to offer support outside of the 0-19 service and relish the challenge of whatever is thrown at them. They are so very deserving of recognition of all they have done for our service and the response to the covid 19 pandemic.”

Volunteer of the Year: Nick Smith, Volunteer

“Nick started his Volunteering role with the Trust in June 2020 and has proved to be an incredible addition to the Volunteering Team. His Volunteering role is on the mask station at the main entrance of Harrogate District Hospital (HDH). Nick’s commitment to his Volunteer role on the mask station at HDH is amazing, his presence on the station provides a calming influence, making patients, families and visitors feel at ease in what can only be described as a challenging time. Nick volunteers to an exceptionally high standard which results in staff and patients wearing the required PPE, maintaining social distancing and sanitising their hands all in line with national and local Infection Prevention Control guidance.

“Nick helps people with their individual needs, whether this entails; providing them with a wheelchair, supporting patients to and from their cars into the hospital and then around the hospital to their appointment, offering; directions, help with car parking tickets, and even tidying up. No ask is too much trouble for Nick. He is everything you would wish a Volunteer to be; enthusiastic, caring, kind, lovely, approachable and reliable (the list could go on).”

Second place runner up: Jonathan Voller

Third place runner up: Lorraine Fox

Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity Fundraiser of the Year: Supporters of Harrogate Hospital Pop-up Shop

“I would like to nominate this incredible group for an award as I know it would mean the world to them. For almost a year, each member has prioritised the well-being of members of staff at Harrogate Hospital by raising money and gathering donations to stock the “pop-up shop”. They have raised over £10,000 and have donated over £5000 of food and goods through tireless fundraising via their Facebook and twitter pages. The team have given hours and hours of their own time to make this happen. They shop, collect and deliver huge amounts of goods to the hospital each week.

 “Through all weather, and all difficulties they have manned donation drop-off evenings, run raffles and attended car-boot sales – all to raise funds (on a continuous basis), to show the Trust staff that the community cares. They provided a “Thankyou NHS Tree” which was displayed in the entrance hall so that members of the families, patients or colleagues could leave a thankyou message, and in their own words “feel loved”. I am always so humbled by their generosity and compassion. They have full-time jobs – they are teachers, teaching assistants (key workers), and have businesses and families to look after. And yet, they work so well together to provide for others.”

Second place runner up: The Harrogate Scrubbers

Third place runner up: The Doorstep artwork project

Chairman’s Award: Dr Rob Tuffin

“Rob has led the intensive care team through the most challenging year of our careers. The burden that he has carried to try and ensure that his team have felt supported, listened to and cared for has not been with out toll, and yet he continues to do all he can for his department.

“He works tirelessly both clinically and non-clinically. He is a fantastic physician as cited by the many thank you cards sent in by grateful relatives. He has ensured our trainees are supported and never leaves until every last aspect of patient care has been addressed – even if that is at 3am! He always makes sure that our nursing colleagues are listened to and supported. Rob would be very deserving of this award and would be a show of gratitude from us all for leading us through the most difficult of times.”


Chairman’s Award: Gateshead and Sunderland Family Nurse Team

“I would like to nominate Gateshead and Sunderland Family Nurse Team for the Clinical Team of the Year award. Every year they demonstrate an exceptional level of commitment, high motivation, resilience and compassion, but over the last year they have excelled. This is a team that reaches out to young parents who have often been let down by services and frequently have a mistrust of professionals and can be some of the most vulnerable in our society. They are determined and highly skilled at engaging young people, and dedicated to improve outcomes for them and their babies. The job is demanding and you have to be resilient but also compassionate and they strive to support young clients to make changes so their babies have the best start in life.

“Throughout the pandemic they have continued to deliver a high quality service to their clients and initially had to adapt to a different way of working. The FNP are a small team but we feel really privileged to be their supervisors as they work together with enthusiasm, courage and compassion everyday always striving to improve the service and deliver the best to their clients.”

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made a nomination, and to everyone across HDFT and HIF who has been nominated. Everyone who has been nominated will be receiving a framed copy of their nomination, plus a thank you card and badge.