On Pannal Ward we care for women and babies during the postnatal period. We also look after women who have complications during their pregnancy which require hospital admission.

We have flexible visiting hours for partners and siblings of the baby. We ask all other visitors to adhere to our general visiting times of 1-8pm. Please note that we do not allow children under the age of 12 onto Pannal Ward unless they are the siblings of the baby. Two people to a bedside plus birthing partner.


We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you visit our wards, and all our staff aim to adhere to our values of Passionate, Respectful, and Responsible. Find out more information about our vision and values.


Key staff

Ward Manager: Charlie Kent
Matron: Danielle Bhanvra
Obstetric Consultants: Kat Johnson (Clinical Director), Adrian Barnett, Debbie Cross, Allison Amin (Clinical Lead), Efstathios Altanis, Michael Critchley and Mr Winston Justin

Maternity, and Postnatal.
Visiting Times
1-8pm (No children under 12 except parents own children and two people to a bedside plus birthing partner)
Ward Manager
Charlie Kent
First floor, Strayside Wing, Harrogate District Hospital
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