The Delivery Suite is able to support an early transfer home if you and your baby are both well following the birth. However, for those women wishing to take advantage of our postnatal care and support, we can offer postnatal facilities on Pannal Ward.

Pannal Ward

Pannal Ward is a mixed antenatal and postnatal ward with 16 beds. A limited number of these beds are in single occupancy rooms, some of which also have en suite shower room facilities. These amenity rooms may be accessed for a charge of £90 per night if available, though please note that priority will be given on the basis of clinical need. It is important to also be aware that the same high standard of care will be provided both to women occupying amenity rooms and those on the main ward.

Primarily we offer postnatal care, but can also accommodate those women that require an antenatal admission. We also facilitate a degree of transitional care for babies requiring an enhanced level of support.


Harrogate is a Baby Friendly Hospital, and has been fully accredited by UNICEF UK since 2002. All our staff members are fully trained in infant feeding and can support you with whatever choices you make. However we do encourage all mothers to consider breastfeeding and you will have an opportunity during pregnancy to discuss your thoughts and feelings around feeding and caring for your baby with your midwife.

If you have any specific concerns around feeding you can contact Jo Orgles, Infant Feeding Co-ordinator, on 01423 555629.

Visiting times

Partners are welcome to visit at any time and may stay overnight to give you support if that is your wish. Please note that at present we are only able to offer limited facilities for their comfort.  Please ask the midwife in charge about partners staying overnight.

General visiting hours are 1-8pm (please note these visiting times are different to other wards in the Hospital). We only allow two visitors plus birthing partner to visit at any time.