Childhood Flu Programme (Childhood Immunisation Service)

The Childhood Immunisation Team provides the childhood flu programme to children in Reception to School Year 4, who live in or attend a school in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

Please click on the link below to consent for your child to receive the flu vaccine in school. If your child does not attend school you will be invited to a community clinic to receive the flu vaccination.

Click here: Flu Consent Online Form

The Childhood Immunisation Service delivers routine immunisations in educational settings, and community clinics, please click here for information on the other vaccination programmes we offer.

School session and community clinics dates will be available from the end of September 2017.

Patient information

Protecting Your Child Against Flu

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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I have missed the cut off point to consent for my child, what do I do now?
It is important you consent as soon as you are prompted. You have until two weeks before your schools vaccination date to consent. Please see our website for dates or ask your school administration when we are visiting your school. Any children consented after the two week mark may not be done on our original visit however do offer second opportunity at clinics or schools where possible.

A member of our family is currently having chemotherapy is it safe for them to have the vaccine?
Yes, unless the family member is in isolation due to having a severely weakened immune system it is safe for your child to be vaccinated with the nasal spray. As a precaution we advise to try to keep the child and family member separate for 2 weeks if possible purely as a precaution.

My child has an egg allergy can they have the flu vaccine?
Unless your child has had a confirmed anaphylaxis to egg it is safe for them to have the nasal flu vaccination. Please ensure you put details around your child’s allergies on the consent form so that the nurse vaccinating is aware. The nurse may call you to discuss this further before giving the vaccine.

My child has Asthma and has been invited to have their vaccination at the GPs do they need two?
If your child has a long term condition such as Asthma or Diabetes they will be routinely called by their GPs. It is your decision as to where they have their Flu vaccination, however if you do decide to have it at the GPs please ensure you do not consent for them to have it with us in school. If you have already consented and have now made an appointment with the GP it is your responsibility to contact us at least two weeks before the school session to ensure your child is not vaccinated twice.

My child is fit and healthy why do they need the flu vaccination?
Flu is unpleasant for anybody who gets it and children are as likely to get it as adults. It can lead to serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia. By vaccinating your child you help protect them, yourselves, family members and vulnerable members of your community. If your child develops flu you may have to take time of work to care for them or arrange alternative childcare. The flu vaccination has been given to millions of children worldwide and has an excellent safety record.

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The patient information leaflet can be found by clicking here and here.

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