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Childhood Immunisation Service North Yorkshire and City of York

The Childhood Immunisation team is a nurse led service that provides routine childhood immunisations for children and young people aged 5-19 years living in or attending school in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

Misconceptions about the children’s flu vaccine nasal spray, October 2020 – Click here to download the letter

Online consent form

To consent for secondary school vaccinations please click here.

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For the childhood flu programme (school years reception to year 7) please click here.

About us

The Childhood Immunisation service delivers routine immunisations in educational settings and community clinics, these include:

The Childhood Immunisation team will also offer catch up immunisations to children and young people over the routine age.

If you would like your child to be caught up with any vaccinations or you are a young person over 16 that requires vaccination, you can email the team on

Online consent video

Makaton videos

Here are some short videos to support SEND learners and Makaton users with the vaccination process and use of PPE.

VIDEO – Makaton for PPE

VIDEO – Makaton for vaccine (injection)

VIDEO – Makaton for vaccine (nasal flu spray)

British Sign Language Videos

Here are some short videos to support children who use British sign language with the vaccination process and use of PPE.

VIDEO – BSL for vaccine (injection) and PPE

VIDEO – BSL for vaccine (nasal flu spray) and PPE


Is the HPV vaccine just for girls?

From September 2019, all 12 and 13 year-olds in school year 8 will be offered the HPV vaccine in England. See here for further information:

Is there a catch-up plan for older boys who missed out on the HPV vaccine?

At present, there are no plans to catch up boys in older year groups.

NHS UK states that, ‘The longstanding HPV vaccination programme in girls indirectly protects boys against cancers and genital warts linked to infection with HPV because girls will not pass HPV on to them. This is called herd immunity.’

I consented online but my child was absent/unable to be vaccinated when your team came to school. How do I catch them up?

The online consent form you completed will be retained by the childhood immunisation team and we will catch your child up the next time we go into school. If anything changes with regards to your child’s health in the meantime, please contact the Childhood Immunisation Service so that we have up-to-date health information for your child.

My child will not cope with being vaccinated in school. Can I take them to my GP instead?

For children who are particularly anxious about having an injection, the Childhood Immunisation Service runs clinics which can be attended with a parent or carer. This means that more time can be spent with each child and it may reduce the anxiety/pressure that they may feel at school. Clinic appointments can be booked by contacting the Childhood Immunisation Team.

Your GP surgery may be able to give missed vaccinations that are out of schedule.

If you are in Darlington, County Durham or Teesside, please click here.

Contact us

You can call us on 01423 542360 or email

Key staff

Childhood Immunisation Coordinator: Lois Alderson –