Critical Care Outreach Team

The Critical Care Outreach Team (CCOT) consists of highly specialised registered nurses who provide critical care support to patients nursed outside of the Intensive Therapy Unit/High Dependency Unit (ITU/HDU).

We combine our clinical experience to provide a specialised and unique range of knowledge and skills. This includes:

We see a wide variety of adult patients across the organisation, including deteriorating patients who have been referred to us by the Trust’s automatic observation escalation system. We also see patients who are referred by nursing, medical, and allied health professionals who feel that CCOT input would be beneficial, for example patients with acute kidney injuries.

In addition to this, we provide treatment to patients who require specialist interventions (such as non-invasive ventilation) in the wards, patients who have been discharged from ITU/HDU to the general wards, and patients who have had a central line/peripherally-inserted central catheter insertion.

We also support the facilitation of a critical care follow-up clinic.


The Critical Care Outreach Team is based in the ITU on the first floor of Harrogate District Hospital.

The Critical Care Outreach Team

All members of the Team can be identified by a dark blue tunic and trousers or a dress. We work close with the consultant intensivists and receive their input on both a clinical and an education basis.

Key staff

Lead Nurse: Senior Sister Michelle Beaumont

Critical Care Outreach Team Sisters/Charge Nurse: Sister Emily McIntosh, Sister Emma McGilligan, Sister Louise Befield

Consultant Intensivist and Critical Care Outreach Team Medical Lead: Dr Sarah Marsh

Education and development

We are heavily involved in providing education on the recognition and management of the deteriorating adult patient across the Trust. In addition to this, the CCOT input to audit processes that relate to the deteriorating adult patient such as the Sepsis Commissioning for Quality and Innovation. We are committed to shaping the delivery of care provided to these often complex patients.

Useful links

The National Outreach Forum aims to provide a representative forum for Critical Care Outreach Service providers and recipients  and to optimise the the quality of treatment, care and experience of patients.