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Multi Disciplinary Teams

Multi Disciplinary Team meetings (MDTs) are the forum for discussion and decision making in relation to patients with suspicious and confirmed cancers. Each MDT meets regularly (either weekly or fortnightly) and comprises of a lead Clinician/Consultant, Consultant Oncologist, Consultant Radiologist, Consultant Histopathologist and Specialist Nurse. All MDTs are supported by the MDT Co-ordinator, Mrs Mo Bitcon (contact telephone number: 01423 555877).



These are the health professionals involved in your care and treatment. If you have any problems or concerns, these team members will be happy to help.  Each MDT offers a permanent record of treatment options discussed.

Specialist Palliative Care
Breast Care


Specialist Palliative Care

Lead Clinician/Consultant in Palliative Medicine: Dr Viv Barros D'Sa
Consultants in Palliative Medicine: Dr Jenny Smith, Dr Kath Lambert (locum)
Saint Michael's Specialist Palliative Care Team: Annette Clark, Kelly Barnes, Tracey Goldsbrough, Emma Harvey, Tricia Keogh and Dr Cath Siller.
In the first instance, please contact a member of the team on telephone: 01423 553464 [More]

Breast Care

Lead Clinician and Consultant Surgeon: Mr Garry Dyke
Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon: Mr Matthew Adelekan
Consultant Histopathologists: Dr Carl Gray, Dr Jyoti Krishna
Consultant Clinical Oncologist: Dr Joji Joseph
Consultant Medical Oncologist: Dr Andy Proctor
Consultant  Breast Radiologists: Dr Caroline Costello
Consultant Radiologist: David Sapherson
Clinical Nurse Specialists: Mrs Janet O’Brien, Jodie Lupton
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Elizabeth Brown
MDT Co-ordinator: Mrs Mo Bitcon, telephone 01423 555877

In the first instance please contact Janet O’Brien, Macmillan Dales Unit, telephone 01423 553398. Nominated key worker for this MDT are Janet O'Brien, Jodie Lupton and Mr Garry Dyke


Lead Clinician and Consultant Surgeon: Mr David Leinhardt
Consultant  Surgeons: Mr Jon Harrison, Mr Garry Dyke, Mr Chris Mahon, Mr J Simpson
Consultant Gastroenterologists: Dr Gareth Davies , Dr Jo Ridpath, Dr G Sivaji
Consultant Pathologists: Dr Ann Buxton, Dr Jyoti Krishna
Consultant Radiologist: Dr Adam Culverwell, Dr Rod Mawhinney
Consultant Clinical Oncologist: Dr Rachel Cooper, Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna
Consultant Medical Oncologist: Dr Kim Last

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mrs Margaret Jennings and Melanie Aubin
Stoma Sister: Sister Elaine Bentley
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Elizabeth Brown 
MDT Coordinator: Kate Phillips, telephone 01423 553032
n the first instance please contact Margaret Jennings, Telephone 01423 553340


Lead Clinician and Consultant Surgeon: Mr Pravin Singh
Consultant Surgeons: Miss Anne Marie Davies, Miss Rachel Kimber
Consultant Histopathologists: Dr Carl Gray, Dr Daniel Scott
Consultant Clinical Oncologist: Dr Joji Joseph, telephone 01133 924206
Consultant Radiologists: Dr Rod Mawhinney, Dr David Sapherson
Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialists: Mrs Sue Lennon, Alison Marchant
Leeds Urological
 Surgeons: Mr A Paul, Mr S Prescott, Mr S Jain, Mr W Cross
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Elizabeth Brown
Stoma Sister: Sister Elaine Bentley
MDT Co-ordinator: Mrs Mo Bitcon, telephone 01423 555877

In the first instance please contact Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist, Mrs Sue Lennon, telephone
01423 553318


Lead Clinician and Consultant Surgeon: Miss Tracy Jackson
Gynaecologists/Obstetricians: Mrs Alison Amin, Mrs Kat Johnson, Miss Tracy Jackson, Mr Adrian Barnett, Dr Debbie Goss 
Consultant  Histopathologists: Dr Esther Millward, Dr Daniel Scott, Dr Ann Buxton
Consultant Radiologists: Dr David Sapherson
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mrs Marion Webb
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Viv Barros D'Sa
MDT Coordinator: Mr Liam Ford telephone 01423 553395

In the first instance please contact the team on telephone 01423 553753


Lead Clinician and Consultant Respiratory Physician: Dr Anthony Fennerty
Consultant Respiratory Physician: Dr Clair Taylor
Consultant Thoracic Surgeon: Mr Richard Milton (Leeds)
Consultant Pathologist: Dr Daniel Scott
Consultant Medical Oncologists: Dr S Chan
Consultant Clinical Oncologist: Dr M Snee

Consultant Radiologists: Dr Rod Mawhinney, Dr Hilary Moss
Consultant Histopathologists/Cytologists: Dr Esther Millward, Dr Carl Gray, Dr Daniel Scott
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mr Simon Bolton
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Liz Brown
MDT Coordinator: Mrs Mo Bitcon Telephone 01423 555877

In the first instance please contact Nicola Bell,
Macmillan Dales Unit, telephone 01423 555872.


Lead Clinician and Consultant Haematologist: Dr Claire Hall
Consultant Haematologists: Dr Tharani Balasubramaniam, Dr Emma Harris
Consultant Radiologists: Dr Rod Mawhinney, Dr Richard Mannion
Consultant Oncologist (Leeds): Dr E Thomas

Clinical Nurse Specialists: Lesley Wright, Lucy Ward
Palliative Care Consultant: Dr Liz Brown
MDT Coordinator: Dianna Gratton 01423 555640

In the first instance please contact Lesley Wright Macmillan Dales Unit, telephone 01423 555882


Lead Clinician and Consultant Dermatologist: Dr Ben Walker
Consultant Dermatologists: Dr Sharmila Das, Dr Roland Strauss, Dr Alison Layton
Consultant Surgeon Maxillo Facial Surgery: Mr M Telfer
Consultant Oncologist: Dr D Dodwell
Consultant Histopathologist: Dr Carl Gray
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Sister Marie Walker, Sister Ruth Horne
Staff Nurse: Denise Nottingham
MDT Coordinator: Liam Ford 01423 553395

In the first instance please contact Dr Layton's secretary, Macmillan Dales Unit, telephone 01423 553740